WC 2 Special Ops 1

I'm completly stuck on the final mission of the series. Can anyone give me advice on how to finish the operation? I kill the Salthis of quick, and procede to the Talk force. This part is horenodus, the 4 Grahi almost always finish me off in less than a minute, and when i do kill them, whitch is a feat within itself, i got to torpedo the Capships, with Hobbes, and Bear usualy ejected. Plus my tracking system, is half the time destroyed. Added to that is their anti-matter guns, whitch are nearly impossible to dodge, and maintain lock on. I fight with mouse, and i have the keyboard lockup problem as well making this level nearly impossible. Any tips, or strategies will be greatly appriciated.
I have a Flightstick Pro, and A Sindwinder 2, and they are horrid to use on WC2, not as accurate as a mouse, and the buttons aloso lock up like a keyboard. So in short, that is a bad tip bro.


Get yourself a nice Thrustmaster Topgun Afterburner II.

Works with old new and future games. Never had any problems, it has a nice throttle, force feedback version, and the missile button has a safety on it that you have to flip open to shoot with! Just like in the Wing Commander Movie!

Go buy now!


The way I dodge the anti-matter flak is by locking onto the capship from far away, beyond normal target range. If you press F9 for ship view and keep pressing it till you get a view of your desired target, then press L to lock, your targ computer will be able to pick it up even though you're technically out of its range (good range is about 11,000 - 12,000). While your torp is locking on, cut engines and sit.

For some reason, the AMGs don't track accurately when you're not moving. They will fire in an off direction, at which point you start accelerating towards the target, then stop around 9,000km and wait for it to fire again. Sometimes the guns will fire at another off trajectory; but even if it does aim right you can take a hit. After it's hit or missed you. you have enough time to accel towards the capship and launch your torp before it fires again. Once you've launched, turn around and afterburn away to escape the next AMG volley; lock the second torp from out of range and proceed again. BOOM.

'Two minutes, max. I've done it before...'


there are many strategies for this situation.
My way - I've never noticed the inability of the AMGs to hit a stationary target, but you can lock up a capship outside of their flak range (like stated earlier around 12k-11k). As soon as the flak starts up increase to attack speed and wait for the AMG's, jinx slightly, to avoid the AMG, but not enough to loose your target lock. If you can't jinx and keep the target lock or take an AMG hit, abort the run. When you finally get a lock, afterburn to about 4000 out and then dump the torp between 3000 and 2500 out, being carful not to turn right into the torpedo you just launched (done that quite a few times) - in otherwords don't climb very sharply.
The problem you seem to have is getting to this point with enough of your ship intact. This is tough considering breathing on the Sabre can knock out an all important torp or the even more important targetting system. You just have to find a strategy that works for you, but an unconventional one that works for me sometimes is to scuffle with the wing of fighters attacking you, allowing you and your wingmen to weaken their shields. Then afterburn towards the 2 capships and fly between them, all or most of the fighters will follow you and be weakened by the first onslaught, the flak spread the capships put up, the occasional AMG kill, the occasional crash into the capships, and your wingmen plinking at them from long range. After your out of flak range, turn around and engage again, hopefully with weaker or less fighters than you faced before.



Patience. This mission requires tons of patience. I've found that (and this gets extremely frustrating at times) that you'll have to abort your torpedo runs half or more than half of the time to dodge the AMG fire. It's annoying, but eventually you'll get lucky and they'll shoot in the wrong direction. If you're very lucky, Bear or one of the others will actually land a torpedo shot before they die/eject so you'll only have to make three runs instead of four. But expect to make all 4 runs. :D


Shipwise, you're in a Sabre. It can take one hit, maybe two, from the AMG's without you running the risk of losing your Target Track or some torpedo ordinance, but not much more than that. And even then, that's assuming you didn't get hurt too badly by the fighter escort.


I have NEVER played this mission without ALL of my wingmen getting shot down before they even get within range of those capships. If you want something done (you guessed it) you gotta do it YOURSELF....


You know, I noted one bug when I played this mission. Its been a few years but I was able to repeat it a couple times way back when. I would afterburn away from the enemy ships but look at them in the rear view, and at some point when I got close to another nav point, they would blow. Im pretty sure thats how I beat the stupid thing the first time around.
Big News. I finnaly beat the danm thing!!!! Thanks for all the helpful advice, especialy dorging that anti-matter, as that's what killed me many times after the Gothri. I finnaly completed the danm mission, but it was by dumb luck. Did exactly what Stealth C said. Treid to lure the gorthis to the concodria so it can use it guns to wear it down, but the auto-kill glitch happened and the whole task force blew up. Now im not complaining becoaus i saw the stupid ending, and finnaly i can play the second Secret Ops. Alright!!


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Well,the way I take out those capships is after destoying the gothri. I afterburn past the task force and come up behind the ships where their guns can't hit me.


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Someone probably has done one already, but go ahead if you wish :) ... I think, with the exception of a few remarkably tough missions, people tend to have very different opinions on mission difficulty, since each person has a different flying style.