WC 1: KIA Wingman


I did Midgard 2 mission in Secret Mission 1 and found out that Spirit is KIA.

She wasn't flying with me and when I load the previous mission she is still alive ...
What the pie ?

Does anyone know how to fix it ? :(


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This happened to me a lot on one of my SM playthroughs. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature they added to the game to make it more realistic, but wingmen seem to randomly die sometimes, when they're not flying with you. It does appear to be random...on one playthrough, I lost FIVE wingmen in this way and ended up playing through most of the later missions flying solo. In another, I only lost one in this manner (Knight).

The only fix I found was to save frequently and re-load if someone crucial died. (I did this a bit because I didn't want to miss the fiction that vanishes if someone dies).


I see. Strange.

However, I found out a small program for editing savegame just on WCNEWS web page :) (https://www.wcnews.com/techsupport.shtml).

I edited file with it and found out that Spirit is still alive ...
I switched her to KIA and again to Alive.

After it she appeared in game.

And I needed her for one mission where you have to kill 20 pussycats :] . Alone is hard ...
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It's a bug that happens sometimes (though I've never seen it myself) in Secret Missions. It's definitely not intentional, so go ahead and raise the dead when it happens ;).


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Bug that happens 100% of times AFAIK if you transfer your character file. If starting with a new pilot (or transferring with a 3rd party program) the bug doesn't happen.