WC 1/2 Sprites


Years ago I downloaded two pages full of WC 1/2 sprites from somewhere on CIC, and now I can't find them. The one link I found was broken. Does anyone still have those, or know of a working link for them?
now that ya got 'em whatcha gonna do with 'em? :p

Hey, I just saw the news post about this. Apparently that's what it takes to alert me that I have messages.

I wanted to use them to put together notional tactics diagrams for Star Citizen based on our current guestimations of how the physics and weapons will work. Since SC has a shortage of ship profiles, and I look for any excuse to reference the WC1/2 era, I reasoned that WC2 sprites would serve well as stand-ins.

This is how it turned out:

Although after creating that I realized that the Hornet's turret might have trouble rotating to +90 degrees. I modified the tactic to be yaw based (shooting sideways) and threw the Hornet/Scythe graphics in there.

Thanks again for the sprites though. I'm still splicing them in everywhere on the flimsiest of justifications.