Watch Wing Commander Evolve Before Your Eyes (June 18, 2019)


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PeliKenraali has put together a neat little video that chronicles the graphical progression from the Wing Commander 1 to 3. Most Wingnuts today would be quite familiar with these cuts, so there's nothing really new to see here, but there's a certain charm to seeing them presented side by side so you can appreciate how much the gaming world changed in just four years. The clip looks at characters, dogfighting, cutscenes and even the title sequence. Check it out below:

In this video, I will show how Origin's Wing Commander PC series (Kilrathi trilogy) graphics improved from Wing Commander 1 to Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
Original update published on June 18, 2019


Am I the only one who thinks that Blair In WC2 always looks annoyed? In WC1 he is cool -granted, back then he was not accused of treason

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Being accused of treason definitely put a chip on his shoulder. He had to put up with The Coward of K'Tithrak Mang crap constantly from Stingray. Tolwyn pulling him off of Combat missions, ready to send him packing at a moments notice. Having proof of the Stealth Fighters only to have it slip through his fingers thanks to a "Glitch" in the flight recorder. Finally on top of all that Spirit who was like a sister to him dying in the Kamikaze attack against the Heavens Gate Star base.

Talk about a Roller Coaster of emotions.