Watch the French Resistance Achieve Victory Against the Kilrathi (November 16, 2018)


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DocteurJ is back with another extensive stream and commentary on the Wing Commander series. In this episode, he's flying the final mission of Wing Commander 3 to cap off his summertime playthrough of the game. As you're already aware if you skipped ahead and pressed play, DocteurJ is helping make sure Wing Commander fandom lives on in the French gaming community. Along with his work with OldiesGamesTV, he's covered everything from the first few WC games all the way through Prophecy for Game Boy Advance. It's great to see fans doing their thing around the world. Merci!

Enfin ! Le combat final contre l'empire Kilrah commence ! Va-t-on réussir à remporter la victoire ?

Finally ! The final fight against Kilrah's empire begins! Will we succeed in winning?
Original update published on November 16, 2018