War of the Worlds


Anyone seen it yet? I thought it was a very scary movie which made Independence Day pale in comparison. Although I understand in the US there were some mixed reactions. Tom Cruise remains a great actor.
it was a good movie but the only problem i had with it was its supposed to be in the UK dont take this the wrong way but every movie like war of the worlds always shows the US saving the planet maybe not in the said movie as no one deafets them but a good example is ID 4 it did show us brits as snob nose tea drinkers and i still dont know how that Tornado F3 landed in the desert!! LOL :p
Honestly, it wouldn't have made any difference where the movie was set. That said, I enjoyed the effects and such. I didn't find the movie particularly scary though, and there were a few gaps in logic that, on reflection, are stunningly horrible.

Plus there was a whole bunch of awful character conflicts that were entirely unnecessary (besides that one glaring example closer to the end of the film has them kill off what would have been an interesting character). Not only that, alot of these conflicts are unresolved. So what if he sort of saved the day (he didn't... just the girl). He never resolves anything with his son for example. And at the end were supposed to think just because they all survived, everything is going to be better.
And I just suddenly remembered to load my shotgun after the aliens decide to check out my photo album.
I enjoyed the movie, although I didn't like the end very well. Just for the record I didn't mind the way the aliens were destroyed, that was fine, it was the other part of the ending that bothered me.
Yeah, complaining about the ending has been done to death, but it still sits odd with me. Even if it's true to the origins of the story, it seems pretty silly. Maybe that kind of stuff seemed plausible in the 19th Century, but even the 1953 version of the movie should've found a better way to conclude it.
Also, we have a spoiler tag for just this situation.
They didn't even explain the ending well. The person I went with hadn't read, heard or seen any of the previous versions and had no idea what the hell the ending was even trying to say.
Reading what you guys said, plus some reviews in the paper (plus some kind of Tom Cruise allergy), I hereby officially resolve not to watch that movie before it's a 99c DVD throwaway.
I didn't like the book all that much in the beginning (left a "so what?" impression to me), but really liked the Orson Welles radio drama, with and without the famous story around it. THAT would have made an excellent movie.

Has anybody ever listened to Jeff Wayne's musical version? I was a bit too young at the time to catch it, and now I'm thinking to get it.

Oh well. *popsthetapedrivetoinserttheoldOrsonWellestape*
I'd still recommend it if you're looking for a decent movie. The first half is pretty nonstop exciting. There's some ridiculous relationship stuff here and there, but it's no throwaway title.
Men, this film is B A D. Tom Cruise was allright, alhtough I ain't a fan! The visual effects were allright too, there's no doubt! But everything else was horrible! It was like watching a cheap afternoon horror TV film. I don't know what you found scary, it was simply boreing. After the first attack, everyone knew that our heroes won't be eaten/annihilated by the Marsians... BTW, they didn't said that the aliens came from Mars! It is in the novell, but director seems to tough that " hey waddahell, who cares where did they come from" It's maybe pointless today, but int the 50s-60s people (and Nasa) knew nothing about Mars, and lots of tales were about aliens living there, almost causing a histerical fear of Mars :D
Maybe if the aliens would'v eaten the lil girl dureing the first 10 minutes, then it would have turned out better. Her play was the worst I'v ever seen from an American child actor! She sometimes screamed when someone behind the camera held up a board with "!SCREAM!" written on it, even in totally normal situations... She should have been plaing a nerve wreck, but what was the point anyway? The boy was simply boreing. His play was like nothing was happpening around, and all the shouting and "conversation" was unbelivable.. It carried no real feelings or anything! If someone got bored on the "shoot em up show" of the aliens, maybe the family drama could bring something worth watching into the film, but no, it was all made up, had no sense to it.
I don't wanna say anything about the ending. I don't want to get banned :D
(alltough about the aliens its the same as in the novell! sounds strange, cause if they could build such things seen in the movie, AND been watching us for thousands of years, then how they didn't knew about the bacteriums? :D )

Waynes musical version is a very good piece though! I really liked it! Too bad it got destroyed dureing moveing to my new home 6years ago :(
The radion drama is also a good one!
BTW, i remember there was a strategy game called W.o.t.W. It was quietly sunk, I never ever heard of it again, and never played it.
I thought the movie was ok. As a rule I find horror movies rather boring, and I thought that the end was a bit of an anti-climax. I would have to dissagree with lorddarthvik on the girl's acting. I thought she was an incredibly good child actor. She really did seem scared, she looked scared, she acted scared, and her mental stabiliy seemed to deteriorate during the film. I think that the number of young actors that can look genuinely scared, or sad are few and far between. Most of them put on a fairly poor show, but that girl didn't.

Anyway, I was wondering why no nukes or EMP weapons were used.
"Anyway, I was wondering why no nukes or EMP weapons were used"

Becuase the original story was written in the middel of the Cold War?
Yes, but the movie version is clearly based in the present day. Besides, the cold war was when nuclear weapons were being built at an incredible rate by america and russia. Surely that would make them more likely to use nuclear weapons. You can make an EMP blast by detonation a nuclear weapon high in the atmosphere where there isn't enough oxygen to create an explosion so you only get the EMP effects.
lorddarthvik said:
"Anyway, I was wondering why no nukes or EMP weapons were used"

Becuase the original story was written in the middel of the Cold War?

Considering that H.G. Wells wrote at the tail end of the 19th century (WotW originally published in 1898, IIRC), it'd be kinda hard for the story to have been written in the middle of the Cold War. :)
lorddarthvik said:
"Anyway, I was wondering why no nukes or EMP weapons were used"
In the 50's version, they do attempt to deploy nuclear weapons, but the martians shields absorb, pretty much putting a stop to defeating them through military force.
ChrisReid said:
Yeah, complaining about the ending has been done to death, but it still sits odd with me. Even if it's true to the origins of the story, it seems pretty silly.QUOTE]
I hope I'm not being to nit picky here, but how can you not like the ending? The Martians had no concept of bacteria, there wasn't any on Mars. How could we have any concept of the affects of an entirely different kingdom of life on another world. The book explains this ending very well in my opinion, but I will agree with you that the movies don't do a great job of it, especially this new special effects monster.
Gliderboy, maybe u liked the end, but man, I'm sure you didn't listen at the beggining :) The sound tells us: "they been watching us for thousands of years" or something like that. Considering that they are far more suprerior in technology, one would have thought that they knew about it.

Sorry quoting myself.