Wanted: Newsbrief and Dialogue for FLMod

Bob McDob

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Now that most of the ships and equipment are in place, the next logical step for this mod is to add dialogue and newsbriefs to give the universe more of a "Wing Commander feel". I decided long ago that it would probably be futile to recreate the WC universe in any significant portion in Freelancer, so the focus here is on WC-izing the existing Freelancer universe.

Since this is more of a fiction than a modding concern, I'm posting the appeal here. The idea here is to capture the tongue-in-cheek humor of Privateer (which I always considered analogous to Monkey Island or Maxis games). Anyone who signs up will be working fairly closely with the modding team (namely, me) though we'll try to give a fair amount of creative reign.

So ... is anyone interested in the idea?


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“On other news, the anti-war activist group calling themselves the Galactic Coalition of Peace and Tolerance protested outside Capitol Hill today. They are calling for a recession of the military campaign against the Kilrathi and the start for compromise and negotiations with the renegade force. As one member publicly said, “The Kilrathi aren’t blood-thirsty murderers. They are just species with different opinions in how the galaxy should run. They should not be persecuted, they were raised without their will to fight, and they are so highly delusioned that they are not responsible for any of their actions. We must not use force, but we must use compromise, negotiation, and forgiveness to create a universe of peace. An eye for an eye makes the whole galaxy blind.”


Your project to include WC dialog into Freelancer made me want to register in this forum so I could comment. I have also noticed you have been working on a complete Freelancer to Privateer conversion. And what I have to say deals with both.

I have been looking into, for my own FL mod, including actual voice files from Privateer. Specifically I wanted to add the Retros line: "DIE by the very technology you adore!"

I have extracted several hundred mus_###.voc files from the game, it seems like they are all music files, but not necessarily. I don't have any program to play .voc files, so I may never know.

But have you considered using actual voice files from all these games or is any legal concern involving those something you want to avoid?


Bob McDob

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I don't really think Origin cares.

I should also mention this takes place in late 2680.


What company is Goldwave made by? And can its sounds be saved as another type of file? .wav or .mp3? What does FL use?

The name of the file you seek is musgrab. There might be other types of sound files it didn't extract out of Priv.tre, only the .voc files came out. I still haven't checked to see if any other Priv files have sounds in them.

This is the readme text that came with the musgrab.exe:

Downloaded from TGZ

Musgrab.exe works very simply. Type in a command line musgrab.exe, then space and then the name of the file to search sounds in. Then Enter. That is all. But musgrab takes away not all the types of sound files as I found. But most of them. The program was successfully tested on a DOS computer.

I hope we can add these sounds! I have a deep love for the original Privateer.



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I'm up for this. I'll write a couple of blurbs if you want.