Vote the Kilrathi Dreadnought

DN lenght

  • I want the 22km long original

    Votes: 36 81.8%
  • Make it 2.2km long.

    Votes: 6 13.6%
  • No make it different ( other lenght should be posted )

    Votes: 2 4.5%

  • Total voters

gevatter Lars

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Here you can vot for how long the DN should be.
If you don't like the 2 options I gave you tell me what you think how long it should be.


Avenging Rooster
I think you could forget about the exact length and just make it relatively bigger than any other ship. Like, if the Concordia (a huge ship) is 1,800 meters long, make the Dreadnought 3 or 4 times more than that, just making sure that the Dreadnought length impresses people.


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Make it FULL size, with behemoth in there it'll be fine, remember it has a huge weak spot at the front... missile magazines...


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What on earth is the purpose of this Thread? Are you actually considering making a dreadnought? What is this all about?

Dark Tower

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A 22km long DN:eek:
What a battle that would make. However you should keep everything in the same scale so that it will be impresive.
Can't wait to ice it:D

gevatter Lars

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How do you know that the Cats have there Missile magazine at the front?
I can't remember that it was mentiont anywhere

Wildweasel is right I am asking for WC:Saga a FS2 TC. I had a discussion with some of the team members and we have different opinions about the DN. So we/I desided to let the player vote for it.

->Battle the DN
I have thought about a battle with one of this things, maybe it will make it into my campain I am writing at the moment.


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I just wonder if it is even possible to implement a 22km dreadnought. The Tiamat was supposed to be 3km, and the Midway was 1.8km - one of the cool things about the Vision engine was that you didn't zip past capships in a few seconds anymore. :)

I know you're doing in FS2, but having a ship longer than 12 Midways end to end... like the Battle of Terra, wouldn't that crash even today's computers?
Well, the Midway didn't look like 1.8 km in WCP either, as far as I can remember. The Colossus was about 6 km long... four Colossi... :eek: Oh man, I have GOT to fly around one of THOSE! Just think about the atmosphere you'd get with the track Exodus! LOADS of turret-fire and flak all over the scene... Hehe, that would OWN!


It did too seem that long... being that all the ships in Prophecy were correctly scaled!


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if you're obsessed with full-sized craft just port them to freespace2, that engine supports full-sized craft.


They're to scale in Prophecy, so just port them to that. Or port them to Vegastrike even. Just don't port them to Freespace, because very few people own that game.
I'm sure it was to scale, but I didn't exactly feel like I was zooming past a 1800-meter long egg-basket. Independence War had the same 'problem' - a Mega Freighter is... well, long, and it felt like maybe a third of Midway's length. Meh, blame the relativity-theory!


That depends on how the engine handles speed, but the models are to scale. Come to a stop close to the Midway and use the external camera. You'll see it dwarfs your fighter.

Zor Prime

That guy.
I got hte distinct feeling that the ships in FS2 were much larger than the ships in WCP. Dogfighting around one owas just cool.