Void Destroyer 2 - ala Privateer

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    Hey guys, I'd expect a few of you would have heard of or played Void Destroyer, a space combat/strategy game, released last year. While the difficulty level is high it was a fun and interesting game to play. It's a cross between RTS and first person ship combat. You can build and control your fleet and also jump in to the cockpit of any of your units on the field.

    The sequel is taking what it started with in the first game and is taking it in to an open world universe (expanding on free DLC).

    The one man dev is looking for a very modest $10k the same as when he did a KS for the first game. There is only 5 days left and is unfortunately struggling and unlikely to achieve it's goal in time. If it fails, I'd expect development to still continue so the least I can do is bring it to the attention of a few wing nuts.

    You can check out the original here:

    Edit: Forgot to post this video interview, even though I'm in the process of watching it!
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