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Mr. Standoff
First of all, please do not reply to this thread unless you are one of the people working on voiceovers and you have a question / report / suggestion pertaining to this subject.

To start it off, all the people who have sent me voice samples should be in the list below. If you've sent me something and you're not here, please contact me again at standoff@solsector.net - you can expect the assignments to be more or less in this order, from the most important roles at the top of the list to the generic/minor roles. Most people will get *two* roles, arranged in such a way that the player won't see the repetition (for example, one role in the winning path and one in the losing path). Please also check that your name on this list is written correctly, because I pasted this straight from the file I'll use as the endgame credits.

Brian "WildWeasel" Janiga
Justin "LeHah" Bielawa
Michael "Needaham" Mahadeen
Christopher "Alec" Patti
Brian "Viper61" Swift
Daniel "Bugfix" Klette
Jed "TyeDyeBoy" McBride
Lee Fox
Eric "Striker" Cook
Dave Blanken
René Prock
Jez Rictheron
Guilherme "Starkey" Poggiali
Arvin "TheFraix" Chandra
Diego "Ghost" Bortman
Robert "Filler" Fowler

The following people have already started working on their voiceovers (major roles)... you obviously already have roles, so you can just carry on and ignore this thread :p

Alex "Pedro" Barnfield
Andi "Gryphon" Kravljaca
Nick "overmortal" Mahaffey
Marc "Snitter" Enkhardt
Mark "Tempest" Riley
Michael "Lynx" Lechner
Nick "Psych" Hu

Roles will be posted here today or tomorrow, then the actual lines will be e-mailed to each of you soon(depending on the role, you might be asked wheter you want to write some of the lines yourself). People with mission-specific lines will have to wait around a bit longer... the generic lines for your pilots might already be written, but we won't be sure about any specific lines we need until we have written down all the mission dialogue.


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My last name is actually Mahaffey. 'Nick Blitz' was my stage name in my old band (and in my current one)


Mr. Standoff
Ok, here's the list again, this time with the roles each person will be recording voiceovers for:

Brian "WildWeasel" Janiga - Cougar (Wingman), TCS Moskva (Comm officer)

Justin "LeHah" Bielawa - Longshot (Wingman), TCS Concordia/Lexington (Comm officer, both share the same lines)

Michael "Needaham" Mahadeen - Saxman (Wingman), TCS Columbia/Clydesdale Minelayer (Transport pilot, both share the same lines)

Christopher "Alec" Patti - Trigger (Wingman), Confed Pilot #1 (Generic Wingman)

Brian "Viper61" Swift - Squealer (Wingman), TCS Francis Drake (Corvette comm officer)

Daniel Klette - TCS Tarawa (Comm officer), TCS Olympus/James Faull (Comm officer, both share the same lines)

Jed "TyeDyeBoy" McBride - TCS Reims/Verdun (Comm officer, both share only a few lines)

Lee Fox - Stingray (Wingman), Confed Pilot #3 (Generic Wingman)

Eric "Striker" Cook - TCS Roger Young (Comm officer - also doubles as "Generic" Confed comm officer)

Dave Blanken - TCS Leyte Gulf (Comm officer), Generic Landreich comm officer

René Prock - Confed Pilot #4 (Generic Wingman), Landreich Pilot #1 (Generic Wingman)

Jez Rictheron - Civilian comm officer #1

Guilherme "Starkey" Poggiali - Landreich Pilot #2 (Generic Wingman)

Arvin "TheFraix" Nathanael - Civilian comm officer #2

Diego "Ghost" Bortman - Civilian comm officer #3

Robert "Filler" Fowler - Confed Pilot #5 (Generic Wingman), Aussie Dude (Cutscene one-liner)

If you're in this list and you have a "Wingman" or "Comm Officer" type of role - NOT "Generic Wingman" or "Civilian Comm Officer" - you can write some of your lines (the generic ones, that get used to respond to comms sent by the player, to taunt enemies, etc) while the lines specific to certain missions or events will be written by us.... the deal now is, I need to know who is interested in writing their own generic lines, and who wants to use some of the stuff we've written, so please reply to this thread to let me know.

All the Generic Wingmen, Civilian Comm Officers, the two Generic Comm Officers (Landreich/Confed), the Transport pilot, and the Corvette Comm Officer will receive the lines via email this weekend, along with further instructions, of course.

Thanks all for your time


Eder said:
Viper61- Squealer (Wingman), TCS Francis Drake (Corvette comm officer)
Hell of a callsign, I hear can banjos in the background ;).
I'd like to write some of the lines (for the wingmen, I'm sure most of the Comm officers are mission specific), but most depend on what type of personality the characters have (I'm sure since this is your "story" you have an idea of what you'd like). Also, for the wingmen what type of lines do you want? The ones I can think of off the top of my head are answers for "break and attack", "Help me out here", "What's your status" (all of which are affected by the personality you want).



Still available

Although my next term has started,
i´m still availble and pround to assist you
in completing this great project.


Marc "Snitter" Enkhardt


Mr. Standoff
Unregistered said:
Although my next term has started,
i´m still availble and pround to assist you
in completing this great project.


Marc "Snitter" Enkhardt
Hi again Snitter, nice to hear from you. Well, you already know mostly how things work, so I'll contact you with the details via email as soon as possible. Basically, there's not much new for you - you will be recording lines to complement the Marine LC and Oakridge, so that they have both full sets of "generic comms" (since in the Prologue they only use mission-specific lines). We'll do this so that we can recycle the Oakridge as a generic civilian ship... as for the Marine LC, apart from a full set of generic comms (since the player will have longer Marine escort missions), they will also need a few specific lines for the big showdown with the Kilrathi Hakagas. That's basically it for you, I'll email you the lines soon (so you'll have plenty of time to work on them without disrupting your schedule or anything).

Viper61 said:
I'd like to write some of the lines (for the wingmen, I'm sure most of the Comm officers are mission specific), but most depend on what type of personality the characters have (I'm sure since this is your "story" you have an idea of what you'd like). Also, for the wingmen what type of lines do you want?
Oh, I must've failed to explain this well enough.... people who were given the option to write their own lines, please, contact me telling me that you want to do that, and do nothing more than that at first :p Then I'll send you information about your character, along with the list of needed "comm situations" (these range from about 10-15 lines for the most basic pilots, up to around 35 lines + mission specifics for the "big" wingmen - basically Cougar, Longshot, and Squealer, apart from Spoons which is already almost done thanks to Lynx). Also, after you write the lines, you'll send them to me, I'll edit any that I think aren't proper for that character, and send you the list back... *then* you can record them :p


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Should we do several recordings of the same line for you so you have more creative control?


Mr. Standoff
Only in some cases (I'll mention those)... generally, if a line doesn't sound right, I'll just ask you to re-do it.

Lines not sounding right usually are due to people adding stuff which wasn't on the script - that's why everyone who decides to make their own generic lines should send me their *written* lines before they start recording anything at all :p

In your case, Filler, you've got a cutscene one liner which's kinda important, so I'll already ask you beforehand for 3 or 4 versions of the cutscene lines when the time comes.

Edit: Thread clean up... sorry folks, but I wanna keep this one organized


Vice Admiral
Civilian comm officer #3. I like the sound of it.

Btw, my full name is Arvin Nathanael Chandra, with Chandra as my family name.
Though my birth certificate states 'Arvin Nathanael' as my only names, Arvin Chandra would be more appropriate.

(Interestingly, there's also another Arvin Chandra who's living in New Zealand)


Mr. Standoff
Ok, I've updated your name in the thread and in my files. Would you like to write your own lines? Since you're a civilian comm officer you just have to take the "model" we have and modify each of the situation-based lines to whatever sounds more natural to you (this way is probably the best way we'll get a feeling of variety, since there will be multiple copies of each civilian pilot flying around in the same mission at one point).




just wanted to confirm I'm still alive and waiting for the lines for Wingmans. I could write some lines, but would be happy if you just send me my text since I'm short on time at the moment....



212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
I'm way behind on this but I'm more than happy to improv a few times. Let me know what you guys need for that comm officer though...


Mr. Standoff
LeHah and René, check. You'll get your lines via email as soon as possible.

BTW, LeHah, for you the pilot gets priority over the Comm officer, since we need the pilot's generic lines for the prologue, while the comm officer will only show up for the main campaign. Anyway, I'll work on getting you something to record.


Mr. Standoff
Weasel too, great. That's most of our special wingman accounted for... I'll email you ASAP.


I don't think I got the generic lines in my e-mail. If they had already been sent out could you quickly resend to my e-mail . Also I can easily improv or write some lines for comm officer 1, no prob.


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Hey, I won't be an Australian stereotype, will I?
As I put it to Saxman himself:
"curses! I'm dying! AND I DON'T HAVE A QUIRKY REMARK!!"


Mr. Standoff
Ok, I've just emailed Weasel, LeHah, Jez, René, and TheFraix with (hopefully) all the necessary lines and/or instructions. If any of you have any more questions or anything else to discuss, just reply to my email and stick with email from now on (since you now have some lines, character descriptions, and etc. which I might now want to make public before release :p).

Next on the to-do list is get the remaining Marine LC and Oakridge (civilian) lines done and email them to Snitter. Oh, and get Filler his australian one-liner so he stops speculating wheter we're using him as Crocodile Dundee in space or not. :D


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
I sent you my comm list like you asked. I may not be able to get to recording till next monday, as I'll be in Boston with LOAF and Frosty.