Visual Novel Project Highlights Story of Classic WC (October 8, 2019)


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SonataFantatica has started posting a series of "visual novels" that include just the story portions of the original Wing Commander games. So far he's completed Wing Commander 1, both Secret Missions 1&2 and Special Operations 1. This is an interesting concept and a surprising gap in fan-generated video content of this nature. There have been comparable story cuts of WC3, WC4 and Prophecy for many years, but WC1/2 are somewhat underserved. There certainly are plenty of playthrough streams, but these new videos condense down the gameplay into bite size

Original update published on October 8, 2019


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I don't know..
On the one hand, I am thankful that someone invested time and effort in making a WC 1 & 2 Movie, on the other hand, cutting out the whole combat scenes proves to have an significant impact on the story, since the story is also beeing told via comms in the missions. Additonal there is some loss in climax, without the action. I enjoy the concept of short and important combat scenes like in the WC3-Prophecy movies a lot more.


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There isn't really comm story in WC1 or the Secret Missions, and it's pretty minimal in WC2. The in-flight cockpit cutscenes for the Special Operations video are all included, so I don't think it's really missing any story. Definitely not a significant impact.


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I would say, yes, totally. I'm surprised this continues to be a question. Just watch and see:
Jump to the 9 minute mark, for example. Angel gives a briefing about a patrol. At 9:55 Blair's in the cockpit, requesting priority communications. He informs Major Edmunds an attack is inbound to Pembroke Station. Blair delivers his status report on how many fighters were killed. He lands, and off to the next part. No fighter combat, and nothing to be confused about...


I made sure to include every bit of story "from the cockpit" as well. ;) I also included the scene where you pick up the data package with the tractor beam in "Special Operations 1" as it's vital to the story.

In the "Special Operations 1" video, I edited the buggy cutscene with Thrakhath – you know... the one where the game usually shows different characters instead of Thrakhath.