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I got a brand new monitor that is using high definition, and lovin it, but when I go to start WC:Saga, it says something about OpenGL and pixles. So I went and configured my video. There is a thing called direct 3D8 and when I use it all the colors look diffrent, and the screen is split in the middle. With two diffrent fonts, anyway to fix this?
I doubt it. DirectX is not supported anymore. What kind of resolution are you using? Which is your gpu? You have to be a bit more specific than that :)
Ok the error reads "Unable to get proper pixel format for OpenGL W32!"

I'm trying all kinds of rez's, none seem to work.

Where can I find the GPU?
Mh never heard of that error. Are you using a widescreen...and when you say that you got an you mean a TV with a PC connection or a normal PC screen? Most PC screens are allready using HD like formats for a long time.

As for the GPU just look for the name of your graphiccard. Else you can rightclick your desktop (I guess that you are using Windows XP) and select propertys. Mostly their you will find the name of the graphiccard you have installed.

Post some more infos about your system and we might find out whats wrong.
It would be good to know your OS(XP, Vista, Linux, others), GPU, what kind of display you are running (16:9, 4:3, TV with PC connection) and what resolution you have tried.

PS: I have heard that if you are using Vista you can run into a lot of problems and that this error seams to happen to Vista users from time to time...thank MS for their **** of an OS.
Getting proper drivers from your graphiccard producer seams to be the only way to solve that problem at the moment.
Eh, I'm not sure hating MS is considered as "cool" here as it is on the rest of the internet...
I don't hate it totaly. As with XP it will get some patches over time till its good to work with and when that happens I will also change to the new OS...that is if nothing better comes up or I change to be a Mac user.

Still I heard lots of people that had problems, mostly driver related, with Vista so that I got the impression that Vista was only halfway done when it was released.
Also I mostly dislike the fancy graphic part...beeing a bit oldschool with my preferance of W95/98 grey styled interface ^_^
It is not about hate - I will never change my windows to Linux. It is just about the fact, that MS is ALWAYS releasing unfinished Operating Systems - that is why the new windows causes many problems. Most of these are corrected with Service Packs. It was this way both with win2k AND winXP - that is why I will install new windows only when SP1 is released.
It's more about exaggeration than facts. Every complex piece of software has thousands of holes in it, and closing those gaps as the product ages is a normal thing. I used WindowsXP for years before needing any of the service packs, and it was a nice upgrade from Windows 98.
I just most recently put on my own graphics card, a VisionTrek. I am also using a wide-screen. Now I am no longer able to accept Vista due to it's lack of playing Wing Commander Saga, one of my favorite remakes.
I think we could discuss this endlessly so lets get back to the topic.
Vista wasn't shipped with working OpenGL drivers and so didn't work with Saga since its based on OpenGL.
From what I heard ATI and Nvidia have now released working OGL drivers for Vista but I can't confirm if Saga works with this drivers and Vista since I don't own Vista and can't test it myself.
At least for Nvidia I know that their is a Beta driver for Vista that supports OGL 2.1 but its still beta.

@ Winnyfred
As you can see it seams as if Saga will be running on Vista as soon as the drivers are done for it.
I have tried to look for your Graphic card but didn't found a good discription for it. Looks like its a Radeon card of some kind.
ATI allways had a not so good OGL support so you might want to see if your drivers are up to date and have OGL support.
I am allways surprised that in the mid and low end segment of their graphic cards the OGL support is so bad. ATI makes quite powerfull highend OGL cards but I won't pay 500-800€ for a FireGL card..even when it comes with 1GB RAM ^_^
Ok, my old computer was repaired. I had to install a new power supply. I may use Vista in the future, but not now, sorry for wasting your time, but it could still come in handy for the others using Vista. :D