Video-chat compatible (physical) Wargame for you people...


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I was touring the web to find more playtesters for my most recent board game project, which is pretty hard in pandemic times 🙂 My nice and really large board game collection is gathering dust, since meeting people in person is irresponsible, let alone sitting around a map of Westeros, the Galaxy, a dungeon or whatever and moving little plastic pieces around for 7 hours straight and no amount of lüften is going to change that. Right now, only 2P games with my spouse are possible and while that is cool too (War of the Ring 👍), lots of games are currently off the table, in a very literal sense actually.
I imagine that some fellow wingnuts here share in that pain.

It was then that it occured to me that I had never shared my last design, a free print & play wargame with you people, although I imagine that an audience might exist here at the CIC. Designed in early 2020, In Cold and Dicey Waters is a 2 or 4 player competitive wargame about modern submarine warfare, perfectly playable using video-chat software.
Print and play, I hear you ask? Gosh, do I need to cut out little submarines? No, you do not 😅. A printer, a handful of dice (D6) and some patience to read a four page rule document is all that is needed. No scissors, no glue, just an affinity for moderatly complex board games.

Other details: Playtime is 45-120 minutes, supports 2 or 4 Players (1v1 or 2v2) . Recommened age is 14+, lower if your kid is really into board games.

There is *no* need to give feedback or something, as *development has ceased*, although I will certainly answer questions or fix typos.

Simply consider this an attempt to lighten up 💡 someone elses day.
If you like war-themed boardgames, know someone who does too and who you cannot visit right now, maybe take a look at it together.

The cold war between the Northern Coalition and the Southern Alliance is about to escalate! The numbers and technological capabilties on both sides even out, so it is up to your wits and tactics to ensure that your side emerges from this first engagement with an advantage.
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As a kindred board game designer myself, are you still looking for playtesters for Corewards? I have group that I meet with on a semi-regular basis here in festive Norman-town, including the guys who made Churrascaria. The guys who made Trial by Trolley also popped by on more that one occasion, though I honestly haven't seen them lately (my little contribution to that game was the "utter bastard" card; I was happy to see it made it into the final version). I'm sure they'd be willing to help out.

Me, I've never made it past the "I'm happy with the way this prototype is playing" stage of development...


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As a kindred board game designer myself, are you still looking for playtesters for Corewards?
Sure, it is freely available for everyone of try out after all, but you will either have to meet in person (2P to 3P) or play the TTS version if you are into that sort of software-alternative (I dislike it). Details about COREWARDS are in the thread on BGG, including some lengthy design diaries, in case anyone is interested in its history.
All feedback relating to that game is welcome, however harsh. I have been doing this for more than a decade, I know how it works ;) and it is mostly about getting more data to confirm or falsify stuff anyway. These designs made for game contests are always highly experimental and certainly not for everyone.
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