Victory WIP


Time to finish my half-done Victory model!


I don't think I'm a fan of the indented panel on the top that some modelers include.
It might be true that their wasn't something like that in the original model, but I think it gives the model some more detail...and also the original texture suggest such a deepening on the top.
No complaints here looks great just wish I had a model of it to hand from the ceiling would look even better hanging in the radio room on my boat
Unregistered said:
It might be true that their wasn't something like that in the original model, but I think it gives the model some more detail...
No, that depressed panel formation was part of the desing right from the start. It wasn't on the WC3 game model itself but it was clearly seen in the video intro. I'm part of the minority that doesn't like it. When you consider the space between the top of the hangar and the upper bulkhead, I think it amounts to a couple of meters of thickness... 4 or 6 maybe. Six meters, minus armor and normal hull plating for those big ships barely leaves any room for some pipes of something.
All done! I did some basic modeling for the hangar, nothing that can be used for interior scenes, but it'll pass a casual glance from the outside.




I ADORE your basic hull texture, even thought you kind of over-used it a bit ( on some sections the basic direction of the texture doesn't follow the angle of the panels).

Your missing those big bright force field lights that are at both ends of the hangar.
Your also missing the yellow and black colored stripes on the forward section, as well as the red-orange engine glow pattern on the back-end.
Change the color of the depressed panel section to a darker gray.
Cut down on those windows...

And if you feal like it... you could install that side laser canon we see in the gunnery control room on the side of the bridge.

But if you don't feal like it and keep it that way... then your model is still AWSOME!
nice one. I'm doing one of these for a project these days, but hell yours looks better allready! I would suggest to change the texture on the indented panel on top to something darker, imitating frames and tubeing and such. OKay, I see most of the things were allready mentioned above... THe coloring feels a bit cartoonish, probably cause of the balk outlines the shadows create for the panles. keep up the great work Master! (I really like the hanger!)