Vesuvius hangar layout


According to WCPedia, the Vesuvii had multiple redundant hangar decks. Does anyone have an idea how these were laid out? There is the obvious large passthrough deck that looks like it's large enough to land a destroyer in... were there also separate launch facilities like you see on the Bengal and Midway craft?


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It's a bit early in the morning here, but I'm not sure where that reference comes from.

That article is still in the old format as well (meaning that we haven't gone through and updated it to the new style yet or fact checked it fully) so the information on there could be incorrect.

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This is a reference to the novelization, which itself is trying to square the look of the ship in the game with the fact that Fleet Action and End Run had established that multiple launch bays was the preferred design for new ships. If you read the descriptions in the book, what it's saying are that each "side" of the ship is an independently functioning hangar area (and then I suppose it has two catapults down the center).

Vesuvius under construction: "It had two cigar-shaped external bays that ran parallel to its center mass and were connected by short, squarish pylons."


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Ohh ok. I do remember the cigar reference.

We should make a note that when that article gets "upgraded" that there is a better explanation of the reference.

Which is another WCPedia topic to discuss at some point...novel references into articles...but that's another thread.


It always looked to me in the game from long range (i.e. before the "flat" exterior gives way to the "fly-through" interior) like the Vesuvius had a double-decker hangar, with the "roof" of the lower one being the "deck" of the upper one.