Vendetta Online?


Now, I'm not affiliated with these guys in any way, but you guys might want to check out Vendetta Online. It's a MMORPG which, In my opinion is like Wing Commander in space. Er, well, it's a combat centered spaceflight MMORPG.

I got a chance to check it out at a small gaming conference this past weekend, and let me tell you that I think it is going to be a great game. It has real time combat, loads of PvP play, a cool faction system where you can make people like or hate you. You really start out neutral, and what you become is up to you, and you can change your character path at any time. The spaceflight engine looks great, and the physics model is seemed a bit like Freelancer, although in this you can use a joystick. The controls on the beta I played were a lot like WC, it was fun to race at someone with my afterburners blazing, run past them, cut the engines and swing around to shoot them in the ass.

The game is not out yet, but they are going to have a public beta/stress test going on soon. I got a chance to speak with the developers on the four man team. As a bit of a independant game developer myself, I like to give props to projects that I like.

Anyway, I've babbled on enough. Just check it out :p