Vagabond himself in new ps4 game


François Chau aka vagabond is a character in the new ghost of tushima game. Mocapped his face. They made him bald lol. Of all the cast from Wing Commander he seems like the one that is most getting constant work from this to the the tv show the expanse. I see him everywhere. I attached a pic lol.


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to me you can def see it in the characters eyes
Ah, on closer inspection it does indeed! 😆

I basically know very little about Japanese historical dramas, but I am under the impression that such eyes would suit the samurai image. In fact, the first time I saw Vagabond I thought his eyes would be perfect for a samurai role.

P.S. I have the impression that this eye style suits certain ancient Japanese characters. For instance, famous Japanese actor Kinya KITAOJI (北大路欣也) has this kind of eyes.


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