Use The Force, Spade (November 24, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Apparently Mark Hamill (where did go? Why, oh why?) was on popular NBC sitcom Just Shoot Me this evening... sorry for not reporting that BEFORE the fact, but I just didn't know. Which brings me to my real question -- I've been pondering whether or not to post updates about various veteran WC actors and their curent projects. Would people be interested in that sort of news, or should we just stick to specifically WC topics? Drop me a note to let me know how you feel... As for Just Shoot Me, apparently it was pretty funny -- I sorta accidently missed it, so I'm still beating myself up... if you taped a copy and want to loan it to me, I'll have your children.

Original update published on November 24, 1998
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