Updated Status... 08/07/09

Suggested Artwork

Howard, if you wanted some busy work, you could give us images of the Bengal with TCS Tiger's Claw and CV-07 on the hull. :)

Also if you were REALLY board you could always do the Concordia :)
About your Pioneer idea...

Hi Howard,

While I can appreciate the TF2-based idea, which was a very enjoyable game, I'd much prefer the freedom of another Privateer atmosphere. I'll take whatever comes about, but I'll wait longer for the original plan if that's what it takes :)
I'll weigh in.

I think that BOTH are a good idea! And, as much as you'll hate me for saying it, I genuinely think you should make both. Maybe even separate games built on the same engine. I absolutely LOVED TF2. I loved how balanced the gameplay was, and how each class had an antithesis. I loved how defeating the other team required not only good skills, but good cohesion as a team. I can't tell you how many hours I spent scouting as a spy, feeding info to a heavy/medic or soldier/medic team.

On the other side, I'm currently playing through Privateer again, and it's really awesome! My only wish was the the ship classes were a little more estranged from each other (moreso than already), and that the game didn't lend itself QUITE so heavily towards the mercenary route. Hell, even the merchant guild usually offered 50% bounty missions. I'd really enjoy mapping out cargo routes and making lists of prices, keeping a mental tab of where I've probably sated the marked with my wares so that I need to haul somewhere else for a while, and choose different suppliers.

Anyway, all of that to say that I love both ideas, and I think they both merit exclusive attention, either as separate games, or two different modes of the same game. Keep up the good work, man!
That's something that Privateer 2 does a really good job of. You could make some great cash running a Monolith from planet to planet.
What the original privateer promised;

You could play as a merchant, mercenary or pirate.

Now I'm not one of the trading stuff one place to the other, so could it be possible to actually "build a campaign around the campaign". As in you could just go and buy a fighter and do escort/mercenary missions. And then you could follow "the lead character" from a sideline, escorting him on a mission through pirate territories, and Raise/lower your fees as to your performance(And if you are doing really bad you just blow him up so he does not live to tell anyone), or go bountyhunting after pirates(since you are building storylines and missions anyway, it could be a mix-and-match)

And AFAIK there is no multiplayer to be involved, right?
Another question, how can i contact the pioneer team, because I know somebody who has an engine(build from scratch) and claims it can handle your game, you guys should talk.
You can contact them by sending Howard Day a PM, I suppose. I think, however, that you should start off by reading some of the older threads here - specifically the ones where they explain (a million times over, again and again :p ) why they don't want to use Vega Strike or any other engine.