Unused Rachel scenes in DivX format


Ok, looks like the site is down now... but I know how to extract the videos. So could someone tell me where to find them in the movie files? The TRE path or movie filename or whatever.

There wouldn't happen to be some kind of index of all the WC3 or WCP movies, like the one someone made for the WC4 DVD, would there?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...


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I e-mailed the movie files to LOAF, maybe he can host them here on the CIC.



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Just a bit of trivia knowledge here. Anyone know that the woman playing Rachel was a porn star? It makes sense, with her flirting at pilots and being naughty all the time!


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Ginger Lynn Allen is one of the biggest names to come out of the Porn Star industry in the early and mid 1980s. She's become something of a legend in her time. She attempted to go legit and move away from the porn industry toward cleaner films and actually acting. It didn't get her far, she went back to porn last year. (How do I know this...? Er... a secret informant...)

She also was thrown in jail for tax evasion but was later released.

There's more on her if you go to imdb.com