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Hi, I was just wondering about the great ships that are used in UE. Is it possible to extract them and swap them with other ships in the normal SO & Prophecy ?? If so, how ?

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I've recently been curious about that one myself. Eder is the one to ask. He's the one that made 'em :)

I do remember once, though, that Eder threatened me with bodily harm if I used his stuff without permission.


Thanks, overmortal

I'll ask him, hopefully he won't threaten me though ;)


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Yeah, if anyone makes 'personal use' of my work outside their own HDD, I'll strike them down with great vengeance and furious anger.

As for swapping UE ships around in WCP/SO, I have no idea - my participation in UE was much more limited than the credits imply, but don't tell anyone... Let's just wait until it's tomorrow morning in Poland so Quarto shows up :p

There was some catch to changing UE ships among themselves... like having to extract everything from ueships.tre (or something) and then editing UE's cfg file... but I don't think anyone brought up the subject of using UE ships in regular WCP/SO before. It may not even work too well, since the cockpit graphics, gun/missile ID numbers, etc. are different in UE. I'm not sure, let's just wait for the man :p


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Well, it ain't morning (unless, of course, you consider anything beyond midnight to be morning), but I'm here anyway :p.

Eder explained it pretty well already, actually. You gotta use TREMAN to extract everything from the ueships1/2/3.tre files (1 and 2 are capships and fighters, not necessarily in that order, while 3 contains other ships that are used mainly in cutscenes). If you want to mess around with these ships in UE (rather than SO), you also have to edit the ue_tre.cfg file. Just put some random characters in front of the first line (install no_folders 0), so that the DLL doesn't recognise it.

As for using them in SO... replacing SO ships is as simple as renaming the UE ship files, so that the game reads them instead of the SO ships. So, if you wanted to try playing SO with everybody's favourite Scimitar instead of the Panther, you'd rename the file ships\scim.iff to panthrbl.iff (or panthblb.iff, or panthblf.iff - these are other SO variants of the Panther). Note that, as Eder already said, you'd have some gun trouble with UE ships in SO. The Scim is one exception - it would have dust cannons instead of vipers, which isn't really too much of a difference.

Note also that replacing the Cerberus (or, in WCP, the Midway) with the Dauntless or any other UE ship will cause problems, because these ships are not designed to use the automatic takeoff/landing sequences in WCP/SO, and may cause the game to crash during takeoff.

And now, I shall go to sleep :p.


Thanks for that info :)

And good luck with Standoff and UE2



I downloaded HCl's 'TRE Manager' and I've converted many of the ships from UE into SO and WCP (along with the Excalibur & Thunderbolt), and it was much easier using WCPEdit to swap them around and changing the weapons (as is nessasary).

Anyway, thanx for the info :)