U.N.Spacey Screenshots


ok im making this thread just for the u.n spacy model screen shots and when later ill make a enemy screenshot thread .
here is what is cool this models is 1374 poly and it was imported in game with no problems and runs good .plus I used 512x512 hirez textures.This is the VF-1s strike Valkyrie


VF-1s strike Valkyrie Pride super fighter for the U.N.Spacy


It's too bad the engine is limited to space flight. It would be exceptionally cool to be able to change into battloid form and shoot down incoming missiles. But, I suppose I'll just have to wait for the US version of the new Macross game on PS2.

However, as far as this screen goes, awright! Simply awesome looking.

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Mh just 1374 polys..quite good work an the textures look also nice.
Maybe its the engine or the speed the fighter has, but the textures seams a little bit blury don't they?
(Could also be my eyes ^_^)

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I have no idea what U.N.Spacey is so I'll just post this picture from Voices of a Distant Star and assume it's related.

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Thats a Super VF-1S right? I thought only 12 of those existed *according to the Robotech universe*.


yes that is right in the robotech universe but this is the macross universe to see the difference between the to go to welcome to the macross:DYRL forums and it has links to the sites to tell you the difference


Spacy stands for SPACe navY

In Macross there are various UN forces
UNA - United Nations Army
UNAF - United Nations Air Force
UNSAF - United Nations Space Air Force
UNN - United Nations Navy
UNS - United Nations Spacy (Space Navy)

The Spacy consists of all the spacebound ships in the Unity Government (still the United Nations during DYRL however) and all the units attached to them (Marine regiments, fighter squadrons, etc)


Only the toy.

The Jetfire Transformer Toy was a Macross Valkirye with some repaint, even more, it has the same ''Robotech'' seal.


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In the ROBOTECH universe, there might have only been twelve in the fiction, but a "Super" veritech is a regular VT with strap on boosters and armor, the boosters contain missiles, as do the extra armor on the forearms.
Rick Hunter jettisons them in Call to Arms (I think that is the name of the book and the episode)

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Super refers to the addition of the following FAST packs
2 x NP-BP-01 Dorsal-mounted FAST booster+launcher
2 x NP-AR-01 Arm-mounted FAST launcher
2 x NP-FB-01 Leg-mounted FAST propellant+vernier thrusters

The Strike Valkyrie was seen in DYRL and replaces one of the NP-BP-01 dorsal units with a NP-BP-02 FAST booster+beam cannon unit.


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Really the Strike Valkyrie was meant to deliver nuclear payloads on large Zentraedi targets and the beam cannon was added as a secondary means of defense since the mecha apparently didn't have much maneuverability with two nuclear missiles on its wings.

And yes the FAST packs managed to keep the VF-1 in active service until 2020 (Macross takes place from 2009 to 2010) so they were clearly a fine piece of work.


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I don't know about that, I have always been a Robotech fan, though the Macross movie was animated wonderfully, the edited version wasn't to great though. "CLash of the Bionoids" 'shudder'.
Though I did get a kick out of Macross II, and the animation for Macross plus was out of this world.