Two Hats Are Better Than One (January 29, 2008)

Bandit LOAF

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There's actually a third missing link hat -- the guys at Digital Anvil did a similar CSS Tiger's Claw hat to give out to the crews which worked on the Wing Commander movie.


When I was planning on picking up some of the CIC gear my dad said if I got that hat it may screw with someone in the Navy. "Which ship was THAT?"


I was wearing the Eisen one and someone asked me if I served on a submarine. I told him it was a new type of carrier.

Here's the jpeg image for the Princeton hat if anyone wants to use it at a local embroidery shop.


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Kevin Caccamo

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Hmmm... Kind of thought so. Do I have to destroy all it's turrets or do I just have to leech it? I had quite a hard time with that mission.


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Leeching doesn't do anything in this case. The standard procedure is to remove the turrets, pop the engines and damage it 50%.