TThe last FMV

everyone seems to have forgot the matrix videogame.

which can only be a good thing... terrible game. great FMV though...
Obviously, the idea of thinking about comparison of video footage in games automatically leads to "who's the hottest chick?". Plus, there may be an interesting topic to research the career path percentage of starlets that had the "nude flick/FMV/TV work/serious movie" progression; but this is probably not the right board for it.

Interesting, if embarassing.

Aaaaaanyway - I must refrain to evasive maneuvers, and pull the BEST FMV game question: Silent Steel for me, a real interactive movie. For you?
Silent Steel was pretty cool, of courser it was all FMV.
I was never able to finish though, the damn russians kept dropping missile launched torpedoes on me, and my XO seemed proud of the accomplishment!
The last game I saw with FMV was Mechwarrior 4 (2002). Really cool opening but I'd have to agree with the general concensus. Nothing beats WC3 & 4...
SoulSkorpion said:
I don't know about C&C Generals, but the original Command & Conquer's FMV was great :)

I read on Gamespot that EA has recently announced a new Red Alert game, I really hope that it has FMV, it wouldnt be the same without it....
TigerNobleHeart said:
The stuff in MechCommander 2 was pretty good. Though the campaign could've been a half-dozen missions longer.

Speaking of Mechwarrior games, I think Mechwarrior Vengence had some O.K. FMV stuff, but it was shown on this tiny little display the size of a postage stamp :confused: , still the acting was good for an FMV.