Transformers 2 SPOILERS


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Though, in the new movie, what happens to Scorponok? We seem him fly out of the desert, then disappear...

Doesnt he attack Jetfire and is killed by him in the process?

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Totally original internet spoiler joke that I've never seen before at every message board ever.


It was decent for a movie, but a bit disappointing as a fan of Transformers (the first one was too though, to be honest). I loved the fight between Optimus and Megatron, but the last fight should have been more epic. The ending was really bollocks.


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It depends. I've seen TransFans pan the movies, and I've seen them also love the movie (I'm in the latter group). I've also seen the public pan the movie, but as the ticket takings show, they also love the movie. It's nearly beating the first movie (it is if you go by the fact that it's 3 weeks in and it's nearly made the same amount as the first).

But at least it wasn't as lame as the first. Too many squishies in the first movie. The final battle could be better, but oh well... expectations for TF3.


I have no problem with the autobots always coming out ahead, that stays in line with the cartoons
but it seems like in the movies the take it so far as to not have any real differences in any of the decepticons
they're all just jumbled in there and most look the same in robot form


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That's fuckin racist man. How would you like it if some decepticon said you look like every other meatbag?