Time to Claim Party Prizes (August 19, 2014)


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It's time for people who won prizes at the Birthday Party on Saturday to claim their gifts. If you won an item below, send us your IRC name, real name and address. If the item has a choice involved (which game, book, size of shirt, etc), be sure to let us know that as well. This is also the time to tell us if you won something in a prior year and didn't claim it originally. Lastly, most prizes for last year were sent early, so a couple items that we got addresses for late didn't make the cut. We'll include those with the packages below. Congrats again to the winners! If you couldn't make the party this year, we'll have the log up soon.

  • GOG Wing Commander game - Doppler, capi3101, TCSTigersClaw (x2), Sylvester
  • Academy on DVD - Music_guru, DaveO
  • TCS Eisen shirt - Sylvester, Death
  • TCS Eisen hat - powell99
  • Wing Commander on BluRay - Vinman
  • Wing Commander on iTunes - PopsiclePete
  • Wing Commander novel - FekLeyrTarg, Shere
  • WCCCG Starter Deck box - capi3101
  • Confed replica patch - FekLeyrTarg, capi3101

Original update published on August 19, 2014
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