Tigers Claw Wallpaper


A while back I posted some pics of my tiger's claw model, maybe some of you will remember. Now I added a few details to turrets and bridge, played a bit with bump and glowmaps and made this wallpaper. (Hopefully it's good enough for the wcnews wallpaper section :D )

I hope you like it and as always I appreciate your feedback.

Thanx ImageShack for hosting


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Wallpaper stuff should always be large though. Better to scale down than up, but a picture where the ship takes up a larger portion of the screen might be nice. I'd like that second picture more if it weren't compressed down to 90 k.


Surley I would love doing a concordia wallpaper but beeing a busy student who can only work on such things in his spare time on weekends it might very well be some time before you see new stuff from me though :(

Thank you all for feedback so far.