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Hey everybody, thought you might be interested in following my construction of a papercraft version of the TCS Tiger's Claw. I'm basing it on Howard Day's amazing Bengal render, in fact, I'm using his meshes to skin the model. Basically, I printed out the one texture map I could find of his Bengal and then I edited, re-sized and refit it so that I could print it out, mount it on thin cardboard and hopefully create some facsimile of a decent model.

I've posted an attachment to the Bengal Mesh I'm using (if anybody has access to better texture maps of Howie's Bengal, links would be awesome) as well as a couple progress pictures. I haven't made a whole lot of progress yet, I've just gotten the landing strip started.

If you look closely at the third picture over, you can see the flight deck. I added a couple of fighters in there using sprites from the game.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, especially from Mr. Day. I don't know if he's still around on these forums or if he still posts. Hopefully he doesn't mind me borrowing his texture maps because I'm a huge fan!


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That's a good start. The fighters printed on the flight deck are a nice touch!