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The 'tower' looks a bit 'squished', but I really like it (probably because it reminds me of my favorite rendering/reimagining of the Tiger's Claw :) )

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Bandit LOAF

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Plenty of green. The picture the thread about is the one Austin Crewman linked to in his post (very impressive, BTW).

The other picture in this thread is one of the WCA presskit images.


hehe, sorry for the confusion. The one I posted is WCA's TC (my favorite). This is Austin Crewmans image (albiet nowhere near as big or clear, since I had to tweak it down to post it. Follow his link for the full size). :)


Edit: oops, LOAF beat me to it and that little image doesn't even do the tweaked image justice :(


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Victory, you say?
The original pic was not opening. Now this looks very good. A very sleak and agreesive, WC1 colored Tiger's Claw.

What was it for exactaly? A sequencial work?

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
No, it's a non-sequencial work... the next panel will be the Tiger's Claw under construction. :)

Here the pencil of TCS Tiger Claw not my best work ever but i am working on it.

Thx for all those comment it's helping me alote, it's true the brige tower look too much squished.

and overall it need refit.

And a funny thing is: the sequencial will have the tiger Claw under construction.

(So in a way LOAF was right)

The story is following the ''McAuliffe attack'' with the Tiger Claw first Bengal Strike Carrier been made in Trojan 4 Spaceyard.

WC CIC is a great place for all the need for that sequencial art (story and graphic)

I will post more image from the project here if you like.

Thx all.