Tick bite


Last summer I was doing this job in Balston Spa removing brush and trees from beind a Job Lots. Wake up and go to work the next day to do some roof leaders and I notice a sharp pain in my belly button. Look down and see a little tick stuck to me...went to the hospital and they remove it and give me antibiotics fo lyme disease. Next day back in Balston Spa doing the same crap (brush removal) and the following morning after that...same thing tick stuck on my bely button... This time a say screw the $160 hospital bill and spray the little bastard with flea and tick spray while waiting in line at Tractor Supply (damn it burned!). waited an hour and took the bugger out with a pair a tweezers the manager at Save A Lot let me borrow. This was last June and the bite the hospital removed still bothers me, itches (no I leave it alone) and it just doesn't want to heal...while the one I sprayed with toxic chemicals and all that fun stuff healed fine. What gives? I have a feeling that the doctor left something behind.
Your thoughts.
My first job was working for the state's conservation commission clearing and creating trails in the local state parks and such. I found probably 3-4 ticks on me every week, except I just yanked them out right away:p.

However I have the same thing with 2 of the tick bites. Occasionally they become very irritated and itchy. I was checked out for Lyme disease way back when I first noticed the irritation and nothing was found. I don't know it is, but I was told that it was nothing serious and I agree since I've had the marks for 7 years now and they never do anything but itch.
I've never heard of it being necessary to kill a tick with bug spray before removing it, however it is very important to get the tiny little head out while removing it. If the body is pulled off by someone not knowing what they are doing, the head can remain under the skin, which can lead to an infection or maybe the symptoms you're having.

I've taken out a number of them, and the trick is to be sure to gently get ahold of the head with your tweezers and slowly twist as you pull it out. Then the perfectly healthy and refreshed tick will be unharmed so you can set him free in the woods - or not.
The first tick I was goin to yank out but I have an "innie" belly button and it's kinda hard. That and the threat of lyme desease so I wanted to do it rite and see the doc. Lyme desease in ticks in the area I was working at the time is high. The second time I just said screw it I'm not spending 3 hours in a waiting room. I only sprayed the bugger with insecticide to kill him so he wouldn't squirm as much and so maybe he'd...let go a little to make the exstraction easier, ya know. I tried lighting a match and burning the bugger off...unfortunatly I only succeeded in burning mytself...several times. Both bites are 1/4 inch away from each other. Spraying it first did work, took out the second guy no problem at all and aside from the little red scar that is fading there are no real after effects.
Interesting but I feel your pain my friend. Living in New York sux, between ticks,taxes,laws,police,cold weather, and random acts of god (whatever that means) but yea between all that crap i know how you feel
oh, c'mon now...let's not b hatin on the N-Y... :D

I would seriously consider having another professional opinion over your bite. I have had more than a few friends get ticks, and none have had these lasting effects.
I love New York state. Was born here so it's what I know. I love it when we get blizzards and sevear cold spellscus I have 4x4 and I get to play the nice guy and pull people out of ditches. The cost of living is terrible though and every year it goes up. Gas is $3.40 a gallon and it costs me $30 a day to get to work, plus tolls. So just to get to work you have to work almost two hours to pay...
The laws blow too and they just seem to be getting more stringent.
It really pisses me off that I work and have to pay for health care which goes up every year. And people who DON'T work have better medical/dental and they don't have to pay into the system or even pay they money back...major flaw. If your on the welfare you should have to pay the money back, or at least a percentage.
The idea that if you lower taxes people will have more money to spend. More money to spend means you buy more stuff or hire people for services (home improvments, new car, land scpaing) Few of my steady clients are "rich" but they have work done on their houses constantly...so they hire people. Those people get money for the work and spend the money at stores or to pay bills ect (trickle down theory). You tax the hech out of poeple and they don't have the extra cash to spend. Some even just move out of state.
Bushes tax cuts helped in a small way but local sales taxes keep rising to pay for failing puplic programs. Granted these puplic programs do good things...but they are meant for the short term and people shouldn't depend on them for years or generations.
You know how many times people have come to me for work. I normally start them out the first week just paying cash. If they still around the second week of work I'll put them on the books. 8 out of 10 of the guys say "I can't go on the books, i'll lose my medecare/disability/hudd/welfare"...pulblic assistance. Let me see...if i'm paying YOU $600 a week cash I have to claim that money as personal income. That and I'm helping you screw me and everyone else in the community. It's not rite!
I know I'm born and raised in NY. It was only recently I went to Texas to visit my sister and was like "Whoooa" she owns a 5 bedroom house like you see in the as like a Robert E. Lee type huge house type deal it's crazy...Lifestyles of the rich and famous or celebrity cribs or somethin....but i mean hey she was in the girls gone wild video and then hooked up with spitzer I mean hey he pays good!!! ~~~ just kidding on the spitzer stuff, my sis is married to a Navy Officer and he get's paid really well but if they were here in NY they'd be livin in a townhouse, 2 ft from there neighbor :D
I think I'll move to Montana, still plenty of ticks (big tiger striped bastards), but for some reason it's the only state in the lower 48 that has no lime disease.
Actually, California has (nearly) no lyme disease, nor do any states in the southwest. There's a kind of lizard here whose blood kills the lyme microorganisms, and so infected ticks that bite the lizards become un-infected, which makes lyme disease very scarce.

Best way I've found of dealing with ticks is to smear them with vasoline. That cuts off their ability to breath and the let go and back out of their hole in your skin on their own. I never found the burning thing to be particularly effective--usually you just end up scalding yourself.

The key is not to leave the head in the wound, which will happen if you just yank him out. It's possible that when you sprayed the tick with the chemicals, it let go just like it does with vasoline, and that's why you got it out cleanly. The hospital may have left the head in there.
Well in the UK more people can actually get to work without driving, but here in the States all of the affordable houses are thirty or more miles from all of the blue-collar and white-collar jobs, and there's no train most places.
I drive almost 1,000 miles a week commuting to job sites. I get an average of 260 miles to a full tank of gas (15 gallons). So on a full tank I can get to Albany and back twice plus runaround for materials, warmup in morning. If I haul a trailer...with a full load, forget it. That's a full tank of gas for a round trip...roughly $60. I love Chevy Blazers, own 3 of them. One for work, one personal and one as a standbuy in case. Decient on gas yet still has power to haul a 3/4 ton trailer with 2 ton payload, but when the trailer is attached it gets the milage of an 8 cylinder. I've thought about just getting a pickup but working in "high crime" areas it's nice to be able to lock tools up...can't trust other contractors either. Or when car pooling with the crew having a 4-door is nice. I can understand the gas prices going up...but they go up every week. And as for commuting on a train or bus...lugging all the tools around...unfeasable. Had some sweet local jobs at Arterial Plaza in Gloversville for about 8 months and god that was nice. 2 miles from home; drop baby off at daycare, drive 3 minutes to job site. :)

I'm pretty sure the doc got the head, I saw the bastard in the little speciman pan. I think one of the mandibles is still in there. I got off better then one of my guys. He was running around in shorts and a "wife beater'. He had 8 ticks on him...2 on his johnson. I'm the tye that always wears t-shirts, jeans and work boots and being a "boss" I didn't do much work aside from doing the fun stuff like cutting down trees and pointing. So I was surprised, but it really got me that both ticks got me in bassically the same spot on 2 seperate ocasions.
Well in the UK more people can actually get to work without driving, but here in the States all of the affordable houses are thirty or more miles from all of the blue-collar and white-collar jobs, and there's no train most places.

That may be true however that really dont effect the prices on fuel if anything the fuel prices should be dropping here if not as many people were driving but because of the crappy goverment the prices just kep rising because of tax but there we go thats life