This is your last chance!


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...If you wanted to fly the Tarsus in the sim, that is :).

You will notice that the Tarsus scores now only appear on the Tarsus' ship profile page - they no longer appear on the index, the mission or the pilot profile pages.

Yes, we are up to something. It involves a bugfix patch, a ship, and a disappearing Tarsus. You will find out soon enough, when the patch is finished, tested, and released. Needless to say, no release date... it may take a day, a couple of days, maybe a week or two at the most.

In any case, when the patch is released, people who download it (or the whole episode, which will be updated at the same time) will no longer be able to get new Tarsus scores at all. The old scores, however, will not disappear, they will remain on the Tarsus ship profile page forever.

So, just think about it! Everlasting fame could be yours! If you get a high score in the universe's crappiest ship now, it may remain there forever!


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its probaby either the Rapier from WC1 or the Scimitar. or if theyre goin for the privateer feel like there was with the Tarsus probably the Centurion, Galaxy or Orion. those are my guesses
Hm 2268 ... confederation ship?

hmmm Banshee, Phantom or Arrow

I can't remember other ships that were used in that time and which are not in the Simulator.

I hope I can manage to fly the Tarsus one or two times before it is to late^^


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Well, you're close, in the sense that just about every Armada or WC3 ship (except the Excalibur and possibly the Banshee, since Armada claims it to be new) can be assumed to have been in service in 2668. That still leaves a lot of options, though :).

are you telling me that you are talking about the Theunderbold, Longbow and Hellcat?

I don't know why, but I think they would not fit into the feeling of WC2

Phantom or Banshee ould be okay, but I do not know how it would be to fly in a Thunderbolt or a Longbow with the good old wc2 designed world.


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I didn't say I was talking about anything in particular - I merely told you what ships were in service at the time :). One thing I can tell you is that in spite of the game in which it appeared, the ship in question looks almost as if it was made for WC2.

...I mean, it's not like we'd put a Hellcat into a WC2 mod... right? :p


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We don't know anything about the Rapier C - it's never been seen anywhere.

(it certainly wasn't on the Tarawa, that was a writer's mistake. Notice that it claims the Rapier is the F-54C, while F-54C is in fact the Epee)


My guess... Centurion. Except for I don't think it's technically considered a confed ship...


Now i wanna go and play privateer, dangit.