they are remastering one of my favorite adventure games of all time


Bladerunner game came out in 97 and it was made by westwood studios and it is one of my favorite games of all time. The source code was lost a long time ago but a dev team has reversed engineered it and are making a remastered version. GOG has just released the original game on their platform. It has sold really well so I think that is why this remaster is happening, here is the article

After it is released would anyone be interested in doing a play along of the game.


I think they mean the news is exclusive to them.
I adore that game; still amazing to me no one kept the source code in that era.


I've missed that game, never played, gameplay looks good, just found it now on you-tube...
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Nighdive CEO talks about problems tracking down Blade Runner game IP owners

" [...] the greatest challenge at the time was tracking down anyone from the Blade Runner Partnership, which was the group of people initially responsible for producing the film. Over the first few years, I had no luck until finally, a real estate listing appeared for Bud Yorkin’s home. Bud was the head of the Partnership so I decided to give the real estate agent a call, explain what I was trying to accomplish, and see if they were willing to make an introduction. To my immense joy, they made the intro and later that week I had a call with Bud’s wife, Cynthia, to discuss the game. Unfortunately, all of this took place a few weeks before Blade Runner 2049 was announced and this essentially reset the work we had done, as the rights to the franchise were sold to Alcon Entertainment. Finally, a few years after the movie was released we secured a deal that would see the Blade Runner adventure game see the light of day. It took seven years to make this happen and it was worth every second."