These Are The Droids You Are Looking For (November 3, 2010)


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Wingnuts now have a way to play Wing Commander on their Android phones with an emulator that has just added compatibility for Wing Commanders 3 and 4. psx4droid is available on the Android Marketplace or on app sites accessible from regular internet browsers such as There are currently two versions of the emulator - the full paid for version ($5.99) and the Lite (Free) version which allows you to play the games but not load or save your game.

Starman was kind enough to test out the emulator for us with his Playstation copies of WC3 and 4 and take a few screenshots. He found that the game overlays the controls on the bottom of the screen (an option that can be turned off), but that the program also supports bluetooth gamepads!

The titles were run on my Samsung Galaxy S I9000 (Running Android 2.1 Eclair) and I ripped the PSX CD's to .BIN files using IMGBurn and my original UK copies of WC3/4 which you just copy to your phone memory and then select the file within the application itself.

Should be noted you require the PSX BIOS file for the emulator to function.
Regards, Starman

Original update published on November 3, 2010
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The idea of carrying around WC3 in my pocket makes my inner child very happy - but the button scheme looks like a bloody nightmare.


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It doesn't look terribly different from how you control some of the recent iPhone space sims, of which there are several popular ones now. The L/R buttons are mainly for cycling through things, so as long as you don't change too much too often and just focus on flying/fighting, it probably isn't too bad.

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When I first glanced at the screenshots I thought they were from Privateer ASCII Sector. :)

I'm very glad to hear that it'll be supporting gamepads, though. Gaming controls have always been the big issue back to the early PDA days, and the systems that've tried to merge the two never took off (Gizmondo, Zodiac, nGage... I'm sure I'm missing a few). I doubt we'll ever see a killer app that'll make everyone want to run out and buy a controller.


I think this is great news!
Do you think the app (the games) would work well in a 600 MHz machine?