The Way Life Should Have Been (December 17, 2005)

Could someone explain what this sentence means or is it a freak typo? On page 120: "Our hero is temporarily blinded by the senator's pants."
This was a most enjoyable read many thanks for making this available =)

Quite a few typo's and unusal sentances like the blinded by pants but I guess it was a very rough draught.

I wonder what the budget for Privateer 2's movie footage was.

surely with the ability and standard of model makers and wot not around these forums, would it not be possible to make this into A fully fledged game?
Are there any documents on how the game was to be designed, ie in terms of combat, upgrades, trading, factions, bbs missions etc? Would be interesting to see those.

Quarto said:
Hehehe. "No large amounts of blood, for Germany's sake!"
Yeah, that made me laugh too. :)

There were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors in that, which made a little hard to read, but it was good fun, I suppose. My only complaint would be that it felt a little too short - I suppose the script is only a skeleton outline for the central plots.

Definitely one of the good things is how the individual stories make you feel some empathy for certain factions. I wouldn't normally feel happy about the game forcing me to work for pirates or the Lance (I assume that's what the Outcasts came from), but the story gives everyone their reasons for doing what they do.