The Vega Project returns


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Hi. About a year ago I announced that I was working on a vertical scrolling shooter for the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, that project got shelved for a number of reasons. In the last couple months I took that project off the shelf and moved it to the Microsoft XNA platform, which means it will run on Windows as well as the XBOX360 console. For anyone brave enough to try it, I have the first beta available at my website. All the details on this release are on that page, but basically, this version just lets you move around the screen and shoot. You can switch between ships and each ship has different speeds. There is a Windows build and an XBOX360 build available. The Windows version requires some free software from Microsoft. The XBOX360 version needs that software and a not-so-free subscription to the XNA creators club (and PLEASE don't subscribe just for this, because I have no idea how long it will take to make any more progress!).

The site:

If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out!



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Hey, your download links don't seem to work. Do you have the files available?