The ULTIMATE Wing Commander Auction!

A couple days ago I saw an auction that had Fleet Action AND End Run for less than two bucks. Take that, $80 bidders!
Oh my god! I need money...immediately! :) Thats a dream, but I cant afford it.

I never heard about a book named "Wing Commander IV Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions". Anyone know about the stuff in there?
I read it once at a store, I think. IIRC, it's just a generic third party strategy guide.
"Wing Commander IV Unauthorized Secrets & Solutions"

Got it for £1.50 in bargin bin a few years ago. It has all the mission details and mission branching, hardware etc. usuall stuf. Interesting enough if you can get it very cheap. If you want to see what a game guide should be like check out the one for the original Master of Orion game. That was amazing, even gave appendixes with all the math formulas and stuff for the AI and everything else. Worth a look just to see how much we are getting screwed by all those crapy Prima guides that are out even before the damn game these days.
Ravenous said:
Worth a look just to see how much we are getting screwed by all those crapy Prima guides that are out even before the damn game these days.

What's wrong with that? That has been standard practice for many years and there have been some great Prima guides. If a guide does not come out before the game, it's shooting itself in the foot. Guides' biggest sales are as addon purchases with games on their launch days. If a guide misses the launch of its companion game, it's crippled forever. And it's not like the authors buy these games in the store, play them, then write the guide. Not at all. The official guide authors work with the design team over a period of months as the game nears completion and have fully played through each game well before its release.
That unofficial WCIV guide is a fairly useful book - although it's probably the third best English WC4 guide (official or otherwise). Its the only American unofficial guide to be translated into German, IIRC.

Anybody remember when the P2 Guide came out about a month before the game was actually released in the US? That was a lot of fun.
The winning bid will probably be at least double what it is now.
Still, pretty good deal, considering Starvector is charging $42 for WCIV alone.
Starvector pricing is not a good resource to go by. But yeah.. the KS alone will probably double the $76 it's currently at. You could probably buy the individual pieces separately for cheaper.
Already doubled since the time this thread was made.
Too bad. Looks like it will soon be out of my reach.

I'm mainly interested in WCIV and Prophecy Gold, although it would also be nice to
play some of the original games on a computer that can do them justice.
The last time I played WC1 was on a 286, which was obsolete even then. :D