The Sum of Its Parts (December 15, 2008)

Bandit LOAF

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Why can't we have nice things? Because NuAngel found them first! The lucky fellow came across a box full of Wing Commander I memories. He was kind enough to snap some pictures... and it immediately reminded me of the first time I opened that box so many years ago. He says:
A friend of mine was recently helping another friend of his dig out and toss some old junk away when they came across something special. Knowing I am the local WingNut in the area, he kept me in mind. Yesterday, he unveiled to me this battered and beaten box of classic goodness. We all know it as the original 1990 Wing Commander. Upon opening the box, I found the contents to be in astounding condition.

Everything that was originally in the box appeared the same, including:

3 5.25" Floppy Diskettes
The Clawmarks "Magazine"
All 4 "Blue Print" schematics of the Rapier, Raptor, Hornet, and Scimitar
The 1990-91 Origin Product Catalog
Flight Cap, Secret Missions, and other materials "fanclub" type order form (pink sheet)
Quickstart Guide
Quick Reference Card (loading the game, controlling the game, game interface, etc...)
Disk Exchange Form
Product Registration Card
I know there are rarer games, more valuable games, games in better conditions... but there aren't any that are this important. We're honored that he chose to share it with us!

Original update published on December 15, 2008
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Whenever I see these sorts of posts it always makes me sad. Over the years, I collected my video game boxes; not entirely sure why. I'd use my favorite ones to decorate the top of my dresser as a kid, and amongst them were all the Wing Commander boxes in excellent condition. When I moved out, they all went into a cardboard box in my mom's basement, and last year they had a flood - which destroyed all of them =(

Vyris Tykin

I still have my WCIV and WCIII boxes and materials... I never did own a copy of the original Wing Commander so it's cool to see everything that the game used to come with. I miss the flavor stuff that games used to come with. That's the problem with all these digital downloads and such - you don't get any of that extra immersion!

I did find an unopened copy of Kings Quest IV the other day though at my local gaming store. Shhhh! It's a Christmas present for my girlfriend who's a complete KQ fan!


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Just thought I'd share.

Yeah, came across that. Made me wish I never sold off my old WC collection (had'em all at one point, though my WC1 was never this nice!). My WC3 was the "Gold Edition" (the less expensive re-release, though it did include Victory Streak and the other goodies).

Similarly, I was recently handed a still-sealed, price-tag-and-all copy of the old game Stonekeep ( ).

A co worker of mine also just got Doom 1, 2, and Wolfenstein 3D CD-ROMs (opened, but complete disc and jewel case contents). I like when random stuff shows up for us!



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p.s. - good job to LOAF on getting the high res. pictures - I know my website has a glitch that makes those full-resolution images hard to get to!

(note that even the full resolution version is also a reduced resolution - I have full res 10.2 megapixel shots if someone really wants'em).



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That is a great find. I really regret getting rid of all of the boxes (dumb rents) that my games came with. I think the box / boxart of WC1 and X-Wing were my favorites from 'roundabouts' that era.