The silliest callsign

When I played WC1-SM1 back in the day, I would use the callsign "Maddog".

If I were to play another WC game now, I'd probably use "Boomerang", "Stryker" or "Blitz".
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This is my silliest. It came up during a poker game with some chorus buddies, and one of the guys joked that I slightly resembled Bonk from Bonk's Adventure, so the name stuck (Bonk). After a year or so, I modified it a bit in order to make it my own (Bonkus Maximus).

Prior to that, I had three gamer tags, all starting in 1998: _Junk_Yard_Dog (in homage to professional wrestler Sylvester Ritter, who had recently died), CDL_Undertaker (I started my online gaming playing Star Wars Rebellion and joined an Imperial aligned clan), and AOD_Archon (When I started playing X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter online, I ran into an AOD_Undertaker)
My cat is named Sully!


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"Star Rider" was a nickname that my Uncle called me as a child. It stuck since then and became my default Wing Commander and Star Citizen Callsign.
Given that my avatar is of Adam Malkovich from the Metroid franchise, if he were a Confed pilot, I think he should have the callsign "Phoenix".
I just realized that I started this almost two decades ago - and still visiting the site at least once a week. Time flies, like my cringeworthy nick 'supafly' that started all this. Nice to see it can be picked up almost seamlessly...

My callsign has been "Ash" for years now, and "Jon" if a first name is called for. No big story behind that. Before, it was Caleb Maas for some time :)