The silliest callsign

When I first played Wing Commander 2 all those years ago I used 'Maverick' as my callsign. Since then its been all sorts of things but eventually I settled on 'Too Cool', which I somtimes shorten in silly little ways such as 'II Cool' or '2 Kewl'.
I changed my callsign when I bought Prophecy. I figured, if I was going to play Iceman's kid, I needed an appropriate name so I decided upon 'Sicle or sometimes Frosty. Not my real callsign, of course, but Casey's and only to be used when I am him.
I've used Baron, Nep, Iago (my favorite, actually), Vamp (too many connotations with that word), Ace, and Saint. Nowadays, I usually just use Saint, if I need to.
For years I've used the callsign Phantom in Wing Commander. Not really silly, but how I came up with it is slightly embarrassing. I tried playing WC1 & 2 with the invincibility cheats on and that's what it felt like: as if the enemy shots just passed right through me without doing any damage.
When I first started playing WC1, I didn't fully understand what a "Callsign" was (being only, like, six years old at the time), but I figured it must be some sort of military word for "first name," because that's what everyone always called me in the game. Later on, though, I wanted something that sounded threatening, fast, and aggressive--which, ironically, was typically the complete opposite of my play style--and I picked "Rampage," which sticks with me to this day.

The "3057" was added a little later as a Battletech reference once I discovered Mechwarrior 2, and since the internet was just starting up it wasn't uncommon to see "Joe51" or "Killer682" or the like online, so I kept it as my own personalized number. I've been thinking about retiring that nick and moving on to something else, but it seems to have stuck...
He would have to be australian, maybe instead of being Halcyon's son, he was Hunter's youngest cousin. He recieved his callsign on leave when, under the influence of Suicide and various chemical compounds, he thought he noticed a stray Kilrathi fighter flying through the alleyway outside of the bar. After signalling for Suicide to break and attack, Kombat Wombat punched his burners and went in guns blazing, only to retreat a few moments later when his quarry turned out to be far more dangerous than initially assumed.
If they don't pick Kombat Wombat in the other thread, I'm making my own damn story. Granted, it will be stick figures, but the writing will be excellent. The only question is... who is going to fly Wombat's wing?
Earned the nickname "Manic" back in Middle School, due to my strangely erratic behaviour. One minute I was smiling, the next I was pounding some poor kid's face in for smiling back. Used it in games ever since. (If you see a Manic running around on Operation: Flashpoint these days, it's me. Also, occasionally, on Sacred, and Diablo II. Haven't played those in a long time, though. Still keeping to my callsign, some games I'll slaughter everything that comes my way, some games I'm lethargic and get shot up at every turn.)
When sitting for the first time before WC1 I gave that callsign matter some serious thought. I ended up with 'Dreamer' which is my Callsign ever since.

I had to change it one or two times because there already was a Dreamer, than I usually tended to 'Nightmare' - what seemed the logical choice ;-)
My dad was a fighter pilot and his callsign was "Pit". He told me it was because he got stuck in a tank or something like that and it seemed like he was hiding something.. like that wasn't the real reason... I suspect it was because of his arm"pit" body odor: knowing air national guard pilots and their sense of humor, like maybe he forgot to use deoderant one day (those cockpits get real hot). I use Whoopass. I use to use Major Whoopass, but it doesn't make sense to be Col. Maj. Whoopass.. Capt. Maj... etc..
Buzzer and Boomer are ones I've used (Buzzer was my nickname as a kid + I used to buzz small towns when I had my pilots license at 16 yrs.- that was before GPS was used, so I could turn off my planes TCAS and the Tower would never know I was illegally low in altitude) Corporal Punishment is probably lame... Col. Sanders is a pretty funny one.. Captain Crunch is probably better though....
Straggler's choice: Kaptain Kangaroo. :P

Good one Straggler!! He could be Captain Crunch's wingman anyday! :D
i'm very original

in wc 1 and 2 it's Maverick
wc3 and 4 most of the time it's just Colonel
WCP and WCSO it's iCe (jeez, where does that one come from...)

and iCe i use for al sorts games/forums etc
I always use Maverick, 'cause I'm lame, though I think I've used Dralthi5 a couple times, which is... odd. But nobody's callsign is sillier than a character actually in Wing Commander 3. And that callsign is...

Bacon Boy. Word.
Dralthi5-Major General wrote: "But nobody's callsign is sillier than a character actually in Wing Commander 3. And that callsign is...

Bacon Boy. Word."
Yeah that's a pretty funny one... I think I vaguely remember it, but not which mission it's from... Primate was a pretty funny WC3 callsign too- like 2 names in one: 1) A monkey, which is what terrans are to the Kilrathi and 2) Prime Mate like best friend... a good name for a wingman to have!
ck9791 wrote: "In Jumpgate I flew under the callsign, Lando" That's pretty funny, some of my friends call me that in real life... because my name's Landon.. I still prefer Whoopass though, I'm sure it gives your wingmen confidence when Whoopass arrives on the scene..

Bandit LOAF wrote: "My callsign is always "Bandit""
Of course you prob. have already heard that Bandit is the name of a main character in Starlancer... Maybe the Chris Roberts team copied it off of you after seeing you in the forums!! :D