The silliest callsign


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As we are just discussing the importance of callsigns in another thread, this is a question that has been burning in the back of my mind for a long time. Well, more simmering on a very low, low flame:

What's your silliest callsign?

Do you have only one? Or do you have one to start games with, to run into any rock and wall, until you can start the game proper with your "real" callsign? Do you repeat the game with different callsigns, to get some chuckles out of people calling you 'Cauliflower'? Or did you just pick one, and realize later how dumb it sounds?

Come on, gentlemen and ladies, out with it. Let me start: I used to begin games with the sig "Supafly", until I got old enough to develop brains... :( :rolleyes: :eek: :p


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At work, I somehow picked up the nickname "Cousin Brother". Apparently, people think that I look like my team leader (we're both fat and Irish), but couldn't decide whether I was his brother or cousin, so they called me Cousin Brother.


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I used "New Jersey" in US Navy Fighters. I picked it out because it seemed out of place compared to the other callsigns you could choose in the game and didn't fit. And I thought this was funny, so I chose it. Then when I played USAF and F/A-18 I started using "Headbanger". I was reading some of Dale Brown's books at the time and this was the callsign of one of the characters.

Also when everyone was into the first Half-life game, playing it online and forming clans. One of my friends on my dorm floor at the time created clan Pokemon. He just did it to see how the real serious online players would react to being killed by Pikachu. A lot of us on the floor ended up joining clan Pokemon, and my callsign or screen name was Electrode.


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<----- Its pretty stupid, its a gag from The Simpsons that I found hilarious.....I use it all the time now.
My other one is "Trauma", kinda silly and means absolutely nothing.


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Way back when I first bought WC1 my original callsign was Catkiller, it seemed appropriate at the time. But now I go by Spartan after the ancient Spartans... just trying to capture the warrior spirit. It was also my callsign in the Marines.


well, for the wc series, i've gone with the default of maverick. i like it, proabably because of the top gun reference.

i can't remember my old ones when i was younger, but i do know they were stupid.
I played WC2 first, and used "Hunter." Imagine my surprise when I got WC1 and had to go with "Hunter 2" for a while. Once Chuck Yaeger hit and my group of friends started doling out callsigns, I was declared "Ballpoint," because I write by trade and tend to be very accurate with my ordinance.


My callsign is always Joker when I'm playing flight or space sims. Online shooters I am known as Nebelwerfer.

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I was rather into Monkey Island when I first got into Wing Commander so my first callsign was Monkey

Nomad Terror was kind of on a whim when I was 11 and it has stuck this far


Some time in the early 90's I was playing Wing Commander for the first time at my buddy's place and couldn't come up with a thing to enter as my call sign until I spotted a McGruff the crime dog comic book sitting on the table.


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To this day, I regret not setting my CZ name to "Tasker" since thats the callsign I've used for as long as I can remember. (But LeHah is unique, thats why I chose it)

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One of my key jobs as Wing Commander jerk is editing McGruff the Crime Dog comic book commercials out of Wing Commander Academy dubs.

LeHah said:
To this day, I regret not setting my CZ name to "Tasker" since thats the callsign I've used for as long as I can remember. (But LeHah is unique, thats why I chose it)


I just met her.


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For a long time mine was Maabus. I tend to switch between that and Siaynoq. Not just for flight sims but most games where you create a profile of some kind.


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Also, when I first started playing WC back in '94 on the SNES, my first callsigns went back and forth between "Thrasher" and "Pyro". Then, for a few years, "crazy ACE". Yeah, I had some dumb ones.