The Rapier Is a Real Workhorse (September 27, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Mac has several goodies to share that are a happy byproduct of the research he's been doing for his next lore video. The results include a couple of new wallpaper images that feature Klavs' Rapiers. One is a slick technical interface that evokes the classic WC1 blueprints with a modern feel. There is also a mock-up of a Rapier dashing away from exploding Kilrah - perhaps in a world where Confed struck the planet much earlier in the war. Last, but not least, there's an embedded video with a cool spinning render of the ship. We're looking forward to see all these kinds of elements come together in a future Mac video!

Yet another thing I've been messing with on the side is the idea of print-ready Tech Diagrams for the #WingCommander/#Freespace fighters and releasing to the public. I haven't printed any yet, but I'll try soon enough. The WC1 Rapier here is the first attempt at this.

I think I might've done it. A way to integrate 3d models into videos without killing my computer. The problem wasnt hardware, it was software. Render & Animate in Blender, THEN bring it into the video editor and key out the bg. Coming soon to a #WingCommander vid.— Mac's Lore (@MacsLore) September 26, 2021[/quote]

Original update published on September 27, 2021