The new home for WCS Deutsch, WCS Plus and my WCS Tools


Our project and team moved into a new and own home (click team badge below)

This is now the official site for our "WCS Deutsch Team" and our projects "WCS Deutsch-Mod" and "WCS Plus". We used this domain already since summer 2014 for our beta webspace and now we are moved also with our internal developer forums to the new home. There exists also already a few public forums. Further it is also the new home for all of my WCS tools i published the last nearly 3 years and a few i haven't published until now, they will coming soon (TM).

At a later point in our development process i will create a english sub forum for "WCS Plus". This sub forum is used then by a new team called "WCS Plus Team". The goal of this team is, all improvements we made for the german WCS project also to migrate into the original WCS (english) as a engine and mod update.

A bit late: see you on the other side pilots and we wish you all a happy new year. :)

The WCS Deutsch Team

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