The Nephilim in Nexus (Note: Image heavy)

That's something worth looking forward to, unfortunately I won't have a chance to play Arena in the near future... :(

Any idea of what we could expect from the Nephilim in Arena?
All that I've heard is that they've been "pushed back," and now the Confed and Kilrathi are eyeing each other again. I have no doubt we'll see the Nephilim in a future Wing Commander game, though. It seems to me like they left the story wide open for a second invasion (or third, if you want to consider Secret Ops the second invasion).
It's not really that humans and Kilrathi are fighting again -- it's that the frontier, wrecked by an extended war with the Nephilim, has fallen into a free-for-all type of anarchy (humns vs humans vs kils vs kils).

I think we're going to find that the last twenty years (Arena is in 2701) involved a major war with the Nephilim -- but we'll just get hints as to what happened during that time...
Oooh, interesting. Thanks for the clarification, LOAF. I saw in the front page that there will be a downloadable manual for Arena. Even though I don't have an X-BOX 360, at least I'll be able to enjoy all the lore and fluff text. I'm really looking forward to when that rolls around. Hopefully it'll give a little more info on any possible war.