The Last Crusader (Or: Silencer of the Lambs) (September 21, 2005)

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Origin and Wing Commander veteran Mark Vittek (namesake of the TCS Vittek) is selling something on eBay that may be of interest to Wing Commander fans: a 60" standup advertising Crusader: No Remorse. Origin produced a similar standup of Col. Blair to promote Wing Commander IV, which was advertised around the same time. Blair shows up for auction every once in a while... but I've never seen a Silencer before! You can find the auction, which ends in two days, here. Good luck!

Original update published on September 21, 2005
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Bandit LOAF

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I hope someone who likes Crusader and wants to preserve it wins the auction -- but I also hope Mark Vittek gets a lot of money for the thing. He's a really nice guy.


If that really is Mark Vittek, are you going to ask him to autograph it?


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It really is Mark Vittek, I've gotten two things from him before.

Nah, I wouldn't want him to autograph it, it'd kinda ruin it.

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I wanted this so badly...

125 dollars in shipping is, however, just too much for a poor university student like myself :(


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I don't think it would cost close to $125 to ship it anywhere in the world.

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He's shipping it with fedex or ups and has given me the dimensions and weight of the package. Both give me an estimate of around 125 dollars to ship it to Belgium. It's so expensive because of the weird size.

Mark Vittek said:
The box it ships in is 39 inches by 44 inches by 1 inch. The box 8 pounds