The King of TrainSim (May 27, 2020)


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agiar2000 posted a neat video of what happens at the end of the TrainSim in Wing Commander 1. Everyone plays at least one short-lived round just prior to Enyo 1, but a lot of pilots never go back. There's a high score board you can place on, but you can also get to the end after four missions. Running through them all nets a score of more than one million points, which would put someone in first place with plenty of room to spare!

The clip should start at 9:30 so you can see the happy conclusion.

Did you know that it is possible to win in the training simulator in the 1990 DOS game "Wing Commander"? I didn't until I accomplished it. I only recorded the last 10 minutes because I was using a 10-minute "instant replay" recording feature that constantly records a rolling 10-minutes.

Original update published on May 27, 2020
Wow. I'd seen this done with the "finger of death" cheat. However, I thought that even if you could survive against the four Gratha, it was just about mathematically impossible to inflict enough damage on them with nothing but lasers before running out of time. That's some straight shooting to complete it within the time limit. I haven't seen many people play with a mouse, either, but it's definitely working here.

While I assume the trainsim has the Hornet stats, the "cockpit" design adds some additional difficulty:
  1. It has less horizontal field of view.
  2. There's only one shield indicator. Has anyone figured out what this represents? I think it's showing front shield strength, and you have a rear shield but no indicator of whether it's fallen.
  3. There are no armor indicators at all.
  4. The repeated music clip will drive you right around the bend.
I managed just the Gratha part before, but never the whole thing. But then I'd take the Hornet any day over the Centaurian Mud Pig. Just let me go capship hunting in one of em ;-)