The Great Kilrathi-Esque Hunt!

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Sphynx's Dralthi hunt thread inspired me to start one on various Kilrathi we may have seen lurking about outside of the Wing Commander Universe. I'll get it started with one of the most famous "Kilrathi": The cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz. Apparently he shares the same love of awards and shiny objects. The costume is about as good as other Wing Commander Kilrathi.

Could it be that Earthlings and Kilrathi alike get swept up to Oz? Well, no.. but if I have to watch it again, it might make the movie a little more tolerable if I can imagine the cowardly lion as a displaced Kilrathi. Can you spot any other displaced Kilrathi? The hunt is on!
We happen to have a cat somewhere around here that goes nuts and runs at the slightest noise. Ahh, the brainwashing worrrrkkksss.... I don't have a picture, unfortunately.
A couple of felinoids come to mind, offhand...

The Hani, from C.J. Cherryh's Chanur books:


Lt M'ress, a Caitain (from the ST Animated Series):


(There's also 2 felinoid species related to one another, the Sivaoans and Eeiauoans, mentioned in the ST novel Uhuru's Song by Janet Kagan, but other than the cover's image they're only shown in text.)

And, of course, we can't forget the Mrrshans, from the first two Master of Orion games.

These are aliens from the Justice League cartoon episode hearts and minds. The plot is that despero is taking over the universe possessing various beings on all types of planets. There was a quick shot of these guys going down I always thought they looked like the kilrathi.


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The Aslan, from the Traveller game, of course. Given that there was a Kilrai Sector, and they had frequent problems with the Solomani (Terran) Confederation, and various clans had differing relations...

...yes, you could easily match up Aslan and Kilrathi, without much problem at all.

(Between the Aslan and the Kzin, one can see the derivations to the Kilrathi very, very easily...)
(Between the Aslan and the Kzin, one can see the derivations to the Kilrathi very, very easily...)

The Iason story borrows pretty heavily from Niven's first Kzin story, The Warriors...
Reading through this thread and seeing all the pictures of cartoon characters makes me laugh. :)

Especially the Garfield one posted by MannPower.