The Flying Tigers: A Wing Commander RPG


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This is an RPG that I propose to have set up on the boards:

Setting: The RPG is set in the Deneb sector in the year 2664, the year before the beginning of Wing Commander II. The prinicipal missions will begin in the Goddard system of Secret Missions one fame. Our principal mission involves safeguarding colony vessels in their attempt to rebuild Goddard from the ashes of the Sivar attack 10 years previous. The Kilrathi have launched a new offensive and it is up to the job of our pilots to support the 6th fleet as it defends the borders from the advancing Kilrathi.

Our vessel: The ship we are stationed on is the Waterloo class cruiser TCS Burma CA-28. While it is nowhere near as strong fighter wise as one of the 6th fleets carriers, such as the TCS Alliance CVS-66, one of the new Confederation class Dreadnoughts. However, the Burma makes up for its small fighter complement in its offensive shipboard power. The quad antimatter guns posses enough power to give even the new Fralthra class cruiser a run for its money. And the ship is relatively fast for a vessel of its size as well, allowing us to escape what we can't destroy.

Here are the full stats of our vessel

Vessel: TCS Burma
Class: Waterloo Heavy Cruiser
Registry: CA-28
Date Commenced: 2658.005 (January 5th, 2658)
Date Christened: 2658.324 (November 21st, 2658)
Date Commisioned: 2658.364 (December 30th, 2658)
Length: 503.9 meters
Mass: 19,500 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 200 kps
Cruise Velocity 100 kps
Acceleration: 26 kps/s
Max Y/P/R 1/1/1 deg/s
Guns Flak Cannons (3), Anti-Matter Guns (4)
Front Shield: Phase Shields
Rear Shield: Phase Shields
Front Armor: 300 cm
Rear Armor: 300 cm
Right/Left Armor: 250 cm
Fighter Complement 40
Commanding Officer: Captain John Harris
Wing Commander: Major Joshua "Sylvester" Dworkin
Marine Detachment Commander: Captain (TCM) Anna Bueler
Crew: 430 (85 Officers,345 Crew) + 40 Pilots
Marine Detachment: 2 Companies: 360 Men

14th Naval Fighter Wing:

VF-52 (Flying Tigers):
Commander: Major Joshua "Sylvester" Dworkin
Fightercraft: 10 F-44G Rapier Class Medium Fighters

VF-29 (River Bandits):
Commander: TBA (Someone can volunteer for this)
Fightercraft: 10 F-44G Rapier Class Medium Fighters

VF-104 (Yellow Pythons)
Commander: TBA (Same as above)
Fightercraft: 5 P-64A Ferret Class Patrol Fighters, 5 F-54C Epee Class Light Fighters

VF-66 (Destroyers)
Commander: TBA (Same as above)
Fightercraft: 6 F-57C Sabre Heavy Fighters, 4 A-17D Broadsword Class Bombers

Auxillary Craft:
2 Hermes Class Shuttles
3 Jumpmaster Marine Assualt Shuttles

What the sim needs:

An XO to create storylines, manage the sim and recruit.
Pilots for any of the availible squadrons.
Naval Personnel for the ship

Note: If you want to play as the ships captain or as the marine commander, you may, and I'll subsitute you in instead of an NPC.

Good Hunting!


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::Checks his watch::

Yeah, we're about due for another WC RPG.

Maniac II

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Hey Sylvester, id like to sign up... i could be a wing commander... or a just a simple pilot if you already have those
Name: Malcolm "Hellfire" Foster


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Great Manaic II. Send a bio to with a bio in the following format and the squadron you want to command.

Name: (F,L,MI)
Rank: (For you, it would be a Captain)
Date of Birth: (MM/DD/YYYY)
Place of Birth:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Marks:
Decoration, Quantity, (Example, Gold Star, 2)
Academy Year: (YYYY)
Class Rank: (x out of total)

Career History:
Posting, Position, Year - Year (Example, TCS Ship, Pilot, 2644-2655)
(Repeat for multiple postings)

Promotion Histoy:
Rank, Year-Year (Example, 1LT, 2644-2655)

History: (3-5 Full paragraphs with details on your charachters life)

Also, do you have any simming experience. I'm looking for a sim XO that has simmed before. (Preferebly in Wing Commander, but not needed as long as you have a large knowledge of the WC2 universe)


gh0d (Administrator)
Ignoring the nagging "oh, no, not again!" feeling...

Cruisers don't carry heavy strike craft, like the Broadsword or the bomber variant of the Sabre. That the Gettysburg had a partial squadron of Crossbows on it, in SO1, was due to it being used as a test base for the prototype Crossbows, not because they were part of a normal cruiser wing.

(Why they used a cruiser for a test center I don't know, though I suspect it's due to the metric buttload of cruisers available without too much interruption of the front lines, vs a few fleet carriers whose lack of presence would leave gaping holes in the Confed line.)


I agree. I think you should replace the Broadswords with more Sabres--the Broadsword is too large for a Waterloo's runway.

Bandit LOAF

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Marine Detachment: 2 Companies: 360 Men

That seems very, very large. What would a cruiser use so many marines for, anyway? Shoving 360 marines into a ship built for a crew of 500 (per Freedom Flight) for no reason other than that it sounds cool probably isn't reasonable.

Fightercraft: 10 F-44G Rapier Class Medium Fighters
Fightercraft: 10 F-44G Rapier Class Medium Fighters
Fightercraft: 5 P-64A Ferret Class Patrol Fighters, 5 F-54C Epee Class Light Fighters
Fightercraft: 6 F-57C Sabre Heavy Fighters, 4 A-17D Broadsword Class Bombers

A cruiser isn't a carrier. The Gettysburg carried Epees and Ferrets (roughly a 2:1 ratio) because they're small, low maintenance fighters that can reasonably be carrier on a tiny cruiser. The larger, high performance fighters aren't going to be able to operate off of the cruisers.

(That certainly applies to both Rapiers and Sabres... but it goes double double double for the Broadsword. The Broadsword is over twice as massive as the Crossbow - and as has already been noted, the Crossbow was a special circumstance.)


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You built a waterloo class cruiser in 359 days??

Sylvester said:
Date Commenced: 2658.005 (January 5th, 2658)
Date Christened: 2658.324 (November 21st, 2658)
Date Commisioned: 2658.364 (December 30th, 2658)


I'd join, but I'm already part of another sim (X-Com related, hell Im the XO of it).

However, if you don't have sim times at saturday, and if in a few weeks I find college to not be too overwhelming, I just might give this a shot.


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Revamped fighter complement:

15 P-64A Ferrets
10 F-54C Epees
10 F-44F Rapiers
5 F-57B Sabres

Marine detachment reduced to one company: 130 men


gh0d (Administrator)
You'd still be hard pressed to find any ship in which roughly a quarter of their total complement was marines, in RL or in WC. At most, you might find up to 20 marines, on a cruiser-sized ship, and even that's pushing it, considering that Waterloos also also have to have room for pilots and other flight-related personnel in addition to the crew for the ship itself, keeping numbers high enough to enable multiple watches (since a warship at sea/space is operating 24/7, not bank hours).

Also, given the carrier aspect, and that there's no provisions for landing craft or other assault-type ships, it's very unlikely there will be much in the way of boarding actions carried out by a Waterloo. The days of using grapples to pull a ship alongside to board it went out, for the most part, with the age of sailing ships.

Further thought:

Marines wouldn't be needed too much to repel boarders, either. While boarding parties are a common theme in the novels, it's not quite as easy as they portray things, to capture a fully crewed cruiser or carrier.

(The Speradon carrier had only a skeleton crew, and in WC4N also had some Project personnel to make the boarding difficult.)


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A single company of Marines would be pushing it Sylvester. I noticed in the WC novels and strategy guides that there are two types of Marine troopships, the tiny Drayman-transports that hold a single company of 150 Marines (said in WC1), then the larger massive assault troopships (from End Run) that carry a regiment (or MEU) of 2000 Marines and the ground equipment, tanks, vehicles, artillery, etc etc.

Incidentally, the Starship Troopers novel also makes a distinction between these two ship types as well, with their point of view that the Mobile Infantry prefers the smaller speedy corvette-transports for mobility and flexibility, and that the Navy point of view was to just stick them in the biggest troopships possible.

So my point: a company of Marines would make that ship more of a troop transport then a cruiser, (and you are adding that 40 plane complement as well right?).


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Okay, reduced to twenty marines, mainly for ship police duty (MP's) and to assist should the cruiser ever be boarded.


Reading that quick thought about landing marines brought up a thought on my end. A cruiser would need utility craft anyway, just to transport staff, personnel, supplies, etc around while in space. I think the TCS Juneau, the Tallahassee cruiser from FC, had 4 'new' (at the wars end anyway) shuttles IIRC.
Though shuttles would primarily be used as utility craft, they also give you the option of transporting marines to planetary surfaces, destroyed ships for salvage/recon work, etc. While only 20 Marines are onboard, they still have a few duties they could perform. Having a few jarheads on board with nothing to do but be MP's and train to repel a boarding party which may never come is just asking to have problems. They are Marines, not rent a cops. :)



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My Bio, which can be used as a template for anyone who wants to apply. Note how much experience you have in the WC universe and simming in your email. I will be assigning people to squadron command positions with the rank of Captain. Everyone else will be a first lieutenant or a second lieutenant. Bios should be submitted to

Name: Dworkin, Joshua C.L.
Rank: Major (O-4)
Callsign: Sylvester
DOB: October 12th, 2633 (2633.286)
Place of Birth: Oceanside, New York, Earth (Sol III)
Age: 31
Race: Terran
Height: 6’1"
Weight:174 lbs
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Skin Color: Light Tan
Distinguishing Marks:
Kills: 108
Decorations: T.C.M.V. (Pewter Planet), Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, Golden Sun
Quantity of Decorations: 1 Pewter Planet, 2 Bronze Star, 2 Silver Star, 2 Gold Star, 1 Purple Heart, 1 D.S.C., 1 Golden Sun
Academy Year: 2651-2655
Class Rank: 13 of 383
Past Posts: TCS Kipling (CV-08), Pilot, 2655-2657
TCS Verdun (CV-03), Pilot, 2657-2660
TCS Valley Forge (CVL-53), Squadron Commander, 2660-2663
Akko Station (SB-21), Wing Commander, 2663-2664
TCS Burma (CA-26), Wing Commander, 2664 - Present
Promotions: 2LT 2655-2657
1LT 2657-2660
CPT 2660-2663
MAJ 2663-Pres.

Character History
Dworkin was born in the seaside town of Oceanside, New York on the twelfth of October, 2633 along with his brother Nicolas. His father, Paul, was a Lieutenant Commander in the Terran Confederation Navy and served as the operations officer on the newly commissioned TCS Concordia (CV-1). His mother was an anthropologist who was stationed on the Goddard Colony on the fringes of the Deneb sector, but she attempted to return to Earth to see Josh and his brother Nicolas as often as she could. His father was onboard the Concordia during the Kilrathi attack on McAullife and its space station Alexandria during the opening battle of the war. Concordia was severely damaged by multiple torpedo hits and Paul Dworkin was injured but still managed to reach an escape pod before the Concordia exploded. After spending four weeks in a recovery ward to rebuild burned tissue, he returned to Earth with the express purpose of grooming his two sons to be officers in the Confederation Navy.
Both brothers went to high school simultaneously and participated in the same courses and activities. It was a true statement that you could of switched either brother with the other and they would have no problems what so ever. Josh and Nicolas, or Nico as he is called, received exemplary grades in high school and when Josh graduated sixth in his class in high school and Nicolas graduated seventh, it really made no difference to the two as the difference in their GPA’s was less than one percent. After graduating, the two applied to the Terran Confederation Space Force Academy. They were accepted into the class of 2655 and were accepted into the pilot training program to become aviators, much to their fathers chagrin, as he would of rather seen them become fleet Naval Officers, but he was pleased nonetheless as they had achieved the goal he had hoped for. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the family in the middle of Josh’s senior year. There mother, Lauren, had been on Goddard when the Sivar Dreadnought destroyed the colony in late November 2654. Their grades began to falter slightly and Paul Dworkin took an administrative post at the academy to help his sons cope with the loss. Even though the event had crippled their family, the two brothers graduated with honors in their class, with ranks of 13 and 14 out of the class total of 383.
Graduation brought a new experience for Dworkin, separation from his brother Nicolas, who had been assigned to the light carrier TCS Wellington (CVL-41) based in the Vega Sector. Josh was going to the Strike Carrier TCS Kipling (CV-08), which operated in the Enigma Sector. He was very pleased with his assignment to the Kipling his brothers absence notwithstanding. There is one special note in his file that Josh was the last person to fly the F-32 Scimitar medium fighter before it was retired. He racked up 26 kills in his three years on the carrier and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant in mid 2656, his second year on ship. After completing his tour of duty, he was transferred to the Concordia class carrier TCS Verdun (CV-03) and was the executive officer of one of the new Rapier squadrons aboard ship, receiving another twenty confirmed kills in two and a half years.
After completing his second tour of duty in 2660, he was promoted to Captain and transferred yet again to the Ranger class carrier TCS Valley Forge (CVL-53) where he became one of the squadron commanders. In this role he excelled and his squadron had one of the highest kills per pilot ratio in the entire 6th fleet. Another forty six kills confirmed that he was not losing his edge as he became older, in fact, his skills seemed to be improving. In 2663, after four years on the old carrier, he was selected to take command of its fighter wing and was to be promoted to Major. However, this never came to fruition. The Valley Forge was attacking an Kilrathi outpost in the Torgo sector when it was ambushed by two Fralthra class cruisers and their escorts. The defensive task group around the carrier was overwhelmed. Even though the fighters managed to destroy three of the seven attacking vessels, they managed to get through the defensive line and destroy the entire task group, as well as the Valley Forge. The remaining pilots managed to land on the carrier TCS Hermes (CV-33) which arrived too late to rescue the fleet.
Dworkin’s promotion was put on hold pending full investigation of the ships loss. While this took place, he took the wing commander’s position on Akko Station in the Deneb sector, managing to earn another sixteen victories on the backwater outpost. When the commission cleared him of guilt in the Valley Forge’s loss in early 2664, he was finally promoted to Major and requested a transfer as wing commander of the Waterloo cruiser TCS Burma (CA-26), which was approved.


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Captain Malcolm Fosters bio (Whats your callsign?) who will be a squadron commander.

Name: Foster, Malcolm J.
Rank: Captain (O-3)
Callsign: Hellfire
DOB: June 2, 2636 (2636.182)
Place of Birth: South Hampton, England Sol III
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Height: 6’0"
Weight:156 lbs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Light tan
Distinguishing Marks: None visible with uniform on, but a scar across his back (See Char. His)
Kills: 66
Decorations: Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Purple Heart, Campaign Ribbons
Quantity of Decorations: 3 Bronze Star, 1 Silver Star, 2 Gold Star, 1 Purple Heart
Academy Year: 2654-2658
Class Rank: 13 of 364
Past Posts: TCS Andromache (CL-185) Pilot 2658-2660
TCS Concordia (CVS-65) Pilot 2660-2664
Promotions: 2LT 2658-2659
1LT 2659-2663
Cap 2663-Present

Character History
Born in South Hampton, England Sol III. Father was an officer in the TCN, and mother was a businesswoman. He has two siblings one brother and a sister. His brother is deceased. He never got close with his sister. Up until Malcolm was 10 years old he had spent his life traveling around the world with his mother and siblings, through this course he was educated at many schools. His father had only been a minor role in his life, showing up every now and then for short periods of time, but his father was injured saving 3 crewmen from an exploding conduit. He was a hero, but at a great cost, he lost a leg, and the other one was paralyzed. Malcolm immediately became close with his father. And with endless stories of courage, duty, and honor his father sparked an interest in the military in Malcolm. Another Major role was his brother, Michael Foster. His brother was a year older than him and they competed over everything.
Malcolm and Michael were both very athletic, and always competed to see who could make better grades in school. Michael graduated from high school with a GPA of 3.98, and was accepted into the Space Force Academy. Malcolm followed close in his footsteps and got into the Space Force Academy (but with a GPA of 3.95, which Michael never let him forget). Michael graduated 18 of 382 in his class, and a year later Malcolm graduated 13 of 364, which started endless debates as to who graduated better. In flight School Malcolm proved himself to be an exceptional pilot very earlier on, but his training officers found his reckless style as a cause for great grief and worry. Malcolm’s first ship as a pilot was the TCS Andromache, a light cruiser. He wasn’t too particularly impressed with this post and quickly put in to be reassigned, he never expected what happened next. He was reassigned to the TCS Concordia. He loved the Concordia and quickly bonded with his fellow pilots. During this time was when he made most of his kills, and earned most of his medals. During his service on the Concordia, however, he was in the middle of a fight between two crewmen trying to break it up, when one pulled out a knife. Malcolm was able to disarm him, but only after receiving a huge gash from shoulder blade to shoulder blade on his back. An investigation was done on the fight, and he was dismissed, but it did seem to be the only obvious reason for him being stuck a first lieutenant for four years.
During those four years though another event happened. Tragedy struck him and his family. While on patrol his brother Captain Michael "Firebird" Foster engaged an enemy that out numbered him 6 to 1, rather than report it. Him and his wingman were both killed in action. Malcolm knew this was the result of his brother’s recklessness, and caused him to rethink his style of flying. From then on he was just as ferocious, but quite a bit less reckless than he used to be. He finally was promoted to Captain, and put in a request for a new transfer, knowing that although he loved his post, in his current post he would never make any kind of command, which is something he had always wanted, his own squadron. Now he is awaiting a response to his request, hoping for a command post.