The bug that forced me to start again

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I'm rather peeved.

I was doing well. I just got back from the penultimate Tayla mission and I was talking to her about the final one...

I clicked by accident mid-conversation. The conversation stopped but the accept/reject buttons stayed, and I was returned to the bar screen. I clicked on accept and the conversation continued, but the screen remained on the bar screen. Then I clicked on Tayla again and she asked me why I've not made the run yet.

So I go out to do the run and I get attacked by another Privateer -- one with a buttload of ships. And some conversations come in over the comms but it's all weird. Then I get absolutely obliterated and I die.

It turns out that the mission has been accepted twice. It's in my mission register twice. When I leave the pirate base, the other privateer guy is there twice, as is every single one of his ships. They all shoot at me and I'm sucking void within a minute.

Now, I'm not sure what respawning is meant to do, but one time I respawned and one of the Centurions was bright red and damaged, and the other one was flying around on his own. I thought I'd managed it when I killed the second version of him too, but when I left the asteroid field both privateers and their posses started on me again and I was pwned.

So I'm gonna have to start again. If anyone can supply me with an invincibility cheat just to get out of this bind, I'd be very grateful, though. Thanks.


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I have the same experience, but two centaurions shouldnt be that much of a problem, really.

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Dyret said:
I have the same experience, but two centaurions shouldnt be that much of a problem, really.
Two centurions aren't a problem.

Two centurions with five (or whatever) wingmen each are. The combine firepower is enough to take me out in less than a minute, and because I'm on the pirate base I can't even land to fix myself up all the time.

I tried dropping one of the missions but it made no difference. That is, the mission was dropped, but the bad guys were still there twice.


What happens if you abort one of the missions, save and then quit the game. The world should then be in a reset state when you next start the game.


Tayla Mission Bug

I have a bug with the third Tayla mission where she wants a brilliance run to New Constantinople. She is in the bar in Oakham and I click on her to start the mission dialogue. She thanks me for reconsidering the mission but I cant click on accept or reject. However, I can click away to other parts of the bar and the accept/reject dialogue remains. I can even accept a fixer pirate mission with her in the bar. Any way I can cheat or reactivate the storyline.
I have tried saving before and after, reinstalling the game, etc.