The Best Wing Commander Battle

What would the best battle be to either watch in a movie or actually play in a game?

  • Vukar Tag

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • Battle of Earth

    Votes: 31 51.7%
  • Tarawa's END RUN to Kilrah

    Votes: 23 38.3%
  • Invasion of the Kilrathi and start of the war

    Votes: 5 8.3%

  • Total voters


Maybe it´s jealous about your relationship between you and Col.Dom, talk to it and make it a WILD EAGLE member!


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Hehheh, no WAY! It's not worth it. It's going to computer Hell when I get it replaced:p I think I'll take some of the valuable metal on the inside out of it before that happens, and you can be sure of that!


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talk to it and make it a WILD EAGLE member!
Well, we do have an equal opportunity membership policy. However, from what Wulf says, that PC does not sound like a mega-dude....



Originally posted by Bandit LOAF

The *rest* of Wing Commander Academy centers around the 2654 Sivar ceremony, which takes place *later* in WC1. The term 'Wing Commander Academy' refers to an advanced command school, and *not* the TCSNA. This is actually explained in the press kit. The other 12 episodes take place, at the end of which Blair is made a squadron commander... and then WC1 can ends with him commanding the Black Lions.
That really doesn't seem to be explained in the press kit at all... It in fact seems to say the exact opposite, to me:

Because of recent heavy losses in battle against the Kilrathi, the 201st Pleeb class of the Confederation's Space Naval Academy replaces the regular flight crew aboard the refurbished Tiger's claw spaceship, with Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn commanding. the cadets are supposed to complete their course of instruction while peforming routine patrols and flight raining. But, in war, anything can happen.
The time on the Tiger's Claw is part of their Academy service. This is also the feeling I get from Tolwyn's announcement that he gives during Red And Blue explaining the transfer.

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We know the class graduated early because of heavy losses -- they talk about it in the WC1/2 guide. "Wing Commander Academy" is a proper noun in the 'glossary' section...


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It is unfortunate that sometimes militray's must push fresh cadets right into active service to fill in the losses of the last campaign. I remember in END RUN Jason was complaining about that happening. The cadets that he got under his command were hardly what he called combat ready. Though getting the cadets out there does fill the gaps from the recent losses... they also die that much faster because of inadequet training.


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"Hey wet-pants you're in the twenty minuters now!"
seriously, in WWI the average life expectancy of a new pilot was twenty minutes as they were rushed through training


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No one asked you.

It's like the fact that the average life of a US officer in 'Nam was about 12 mins.


If you don't want my input, then don't be such a moron. Your post was basically just repeating what Oggy had already said. Now if you had actually added something to the conversation (like your information about Vietnam), this wouldn't have been an issue.