The Best of Both Worlds


Chapter 1.

Shinji Ikari sighed as he underwent yet another test inside the mocked-up test Eva. It was excruciatly boring. He felt like he floated, as he normally did. Then a extrely loud alarm, like the the alarm from the game Half-Life, started shriking throughout the complex. Shinji then felt a pain he'd never known before. It felt like a thousand needles and knives stabbed into him, as the LCL became further elcetricified. He smelt bloodas he passed out, hearing the screams...

"Captain, I think you'd better come down here. We've got a situation." A black-clad soldier stood over the unconsious Shinji Ikari, still in his plug suit, and dereched in LCL. "He does not look well at all." Another guard said, as he was escorting the Captain of the station and the Cheif medical officer.
The Doctor bent over to look and flip over the child, and shook his head. "He is in Critical condition, Captain Sheridan. He must go to the infirmary immeidiately." Sheridan nodded. There was nothing he could really do right now. Sheridan was thinking about the whole situation. Was he a threat to the Earth Alliance? The bigger question, though, is why did he come? Why is he here? And why is he a mere child?

"Where am I?" A question floated out from his mind as he tried opening his eyes, but the pain was absolutley astounding, He finally wedged open his eyes-
... and saw a white and blue ceiling. His eyes darted around the room, and he saw it was indeed not the Nerv infirmery.
"Are you okay?" a nurse said, looking down onto the boy. He sustained several horrified burns, the largest on his torso. He sat up, glanced down, and recoiled in horror at his injuries. He had a highly confused look on his face, which also had a minor burn on the right cheek.
"Where am I" he asked. The nurse now was the one with the confused look, much to his consternation. The nurse shook her head. "You don't know? You're on Babylon 5, the Earth Alliances main base of operations in this secotor. Now, will you tell me your name, young man? He blushed. "Shinji Ikari, ma'am." He was clearly still very loopy. The nurse tensed up a bit. "You rest right here, and wait for Dr. Franklin." She then walked out, leaving a very confused Shinji Ikari in her wake. Slowly, cluching his blanket, he walked to the window-
... and was left absolutely breathlesss as he saw a enormus warship, with the middle of it rotating as it flew by...

"Mr. Ikari, i'm Dr. Franklin, how are you feeling right now?" Shinji returned to the bed.
"Uh- I... feel ok." Franklin muttered something, then spoke up with a cheerful tone "Are you sure, mr...
"Shinji. Shinji Ikari." Franklin nodded, writing somwething down on his clipboard. "Okay, Shinji, there is some clothes in the headboard, behind you. Also, the nurse will remove the transparent gauze around your torso wound. Captain Sheridan will come and debrief talk to you in about an half-hour. " Franklin then walked out of the room. Shinji sighed, then fingered around his stomach. Sure enough, there was a plasticky substance over the burn mark. He grunted quietly, almost as he recoiled as he traced the burn mark on his face, which was never wrapped up in the haste to save his life. It did sting, quite a bit. Five minutes later, a nurse, with a very Prog Knife-looking scapel, sliced off the gauze, managing to look like a very think amount of her that she held in nher hand. Slowly, it because visible. Shinji gave a glance at the layer, and saw it was rather thick (edit:The layer, all told, is about six centimeters thick.) The burn mark looked somehow not as bad without the gauze over it. It felt abnormally cool over where the wound was.
"Your clothes are in the headboard." She walked out of the room, as he turned over and tried opening part of the headboard, fiunally finding a red button that opened up. He grabbed the clothes, which was a white shirt and black pants, and hurridly put them on. About four minutes later, a Man, with several guards surrounding him. He wore a black uniform, and had a sidearm at his side.
"I'm captain John Sheridan, of the station Babylon 5. I trust you have had a comfortable stay? Shinji shrugged his shoulder; I wouldnt know. How long have I been asleep?" "Oh, lord, why did I ask that?", he thought. "It has been five days since you just appeared on my station. Now, will you tell me why you are here?" Shinji looked really confused, for he didnt know why either. "I dont know, Captain. All I remember is that I was testing in my Eva-
"Hold up, what is an EVA?" Shinji was now really confused. "I dont understand, I thought everbody knew about NERV." He sighed, then continued " I was just testing, when alarms went off, the LCL became scalding-"

RED ALERT, REPEAT, RED ALERT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. WE ARE UNDER ATTCK, I REAPT, RED ALERT. Sheridan started to walk out, but; "SHinji, stay here, for your own safety.

End of Chapter one.

Chapter Two: The twilight of peace.

Shinji looked outside of his window, with which he saw several large ships nearby, about sixteen of them, four of which had rotating middle sections. He wondered what was happening, but it could not be good, judgeing by the red lights...

"Centari ships, this is Babylon 5-"
"We know. Your so-called Earth Alliance has been providing military aid to the Narn Regime-"
"We have done no such thing. Stand down, or I will order our defensive battlegroup to open fire." Sheridan then looked over to the communication, and whispered to the officer's ear:
"Notify the EAS Repulse to arrive immidiately." Sheridan then walked away from the console.
"Very well, Babylon 5. You will regret engaging in acts of sabotage to the Centauri Empire." The Comm channel then was cut off.
Outside, thirteen Centauri ships; ten Vorchan Frigates, and theee Primus-class Battlecrusiers, assembled to cut off the jumpgate.
Sheridan stood briefly, looking out the observation dome; "Give the order to fire."

The EarthForce warships opened fire, X-ray batteries with a range of several light-seconds slashed outward into space, Pink pulse beams with blue tips smashed home into all the Centauri ships, one of the Vorchan's already flaming. The Centauri returned fire, their batteries slightly more powerful, but now having anywhere the range of the EarthForce X-Ray cannons, launched outward. The Alliance ships interceptor grids lit up like a christmas tree, blue shots smaking down missles and ion beam weapons. The Centauri closed the space rather quickly, moving a distance of 9 billion kilometers in less then four minutes. Sentry class fighters grappled with Aurora and Thunderbolt Starfuries, light pulse beams and very heavy gun shells collided, adding to the lightshow. A Sentry swung up from below and took out two Aurora Starfuries at once. A second later, a flak shell from the EAS Morpheus destroyed the sentry, sending enough sharapnel out to slice up a Thunderbolt.

The Centauri Battlecrusiers had fully closed up with the rest of the EarthForce group, X-ray beams lancing out and slicing chunks of hull off the Battlecrusiers, which replied with beams of their own, slicing a plasma batterie off the EAS Patton, a Nova battlecrusier. Two Thunderbolt Starfuries formed up and slshed into a Primus, taking out a Ion battery out with Sparrow missles. The EAS Delphi, the flagship of the task force, opened up all forward batteries, two X-ray beams, and four pulse batteries on the Primus, fire erupting from the top of the ship until the Delphi's port beam sliced the warship in half, reactors exploding with the dying vessel.
Shinji saw a piece of the now ruined ship fly out toward his room...

To be continued...

Shinji printed to the door, and ran as far as he could down the hall before the former battlecrusier's wing smacked into the the sickbay room he was just in. The impact sent him off his feet, landing head-first nto the hard, steel floor. Collecting himself, Shinji arose, as quickly as he could. The only problem now was finding where that guy Sheridan was...

The cacophony of destruction still raged outside, a Centauri Primus unleasing most of it's main gun batteries on the EAS Roaoake, one of the Omega destroyers. The EarthForce behemoth gave as good as it got, the forward/starboard X-Ray beam, slicing a hole into the Battlecrusier's armor. Four Badger class Starfuries charged in, missles firing into the gap in the Centauri warship's defenses. at least seven AIM 74 Spiculum ImageRecognition missles struck, a large portion of the Primus' internal decks were destroyed. The Centauri were in deep trouble, as three Vorchans were destroyed, a Primus was dead, and another was just about mission-killed...
-When four Colonial BattleStar's andand three BaseStar jumped into the Lusitaia system...

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